• You Are Braver, Stronger and Smarter Than You Think

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  • Turn a Life Around

    Bullying knocks down thousands of kids every day, but when one person stands, another will stand with them. You can be that person, you can turn a life around.

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  • Ask Jamie

    Whether you are being bullied, witnessing bullying, afraid of peer pressure, concerned your actions are hurting others, or something else, just ask Jamie! With zero judgments and her best advice, she is here for you.

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  • Matt the Film

    Matthew Tapia was born 3 months pre-mature, a mere 1.5 pounds. Doctors gave him a 5% chance of survival, and if he was able to defy the odds he would barely be able to speak or even walk. A film about the power of never giving up.

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  • Bullies and Bystanders

    Bullying and cyberbullying are a fact of life for many kids and teens; research suggests almost half of teens have experienced cyberbullying in the past year. But by standing up, instead of standing by, kids and teens can help end bullying.

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  • Lizzie Sider

    Lizzie is a country music singer/songwriter, who experienced verbal teasing and ridiculing from other children in elementary school. Her song, “Butterfly” tells her story and how she overcame her situation.

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  • Make the Difference

    Students in the advanced technology class at Columbia Middle School in Ohio created this amazing video urging students to make a difference by “turning a 180″ for students who are bullied.

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  • “Broken”

    Official music video for Anna Richey’s “Broken”, an inspiring song about bullying.

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  • Everybody Come On (It’s On Us)

    Using lyrics and ideas submitted by our Mean Stinks Twitter fans, recording artist and anti-bullying advocate, Keenan West, created this song to inspire girls around the country to join the #MeanStinks movement by doing acts of nice to spread positivity and bring an end to bullying.

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Make Plans Now To Wear Orange on Unity Day Oct. 21 and Show Support for Those Who Have Been Bullied

PACER has partnered with CustomInk to launch its fifth annual ‘Be Good to Each Other’ campaign in support of Unity Day and PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Month in October. The campaign encourages students, groups, and others to take a stand for kindness, respect, and inclusion by designing and wearing custom bullying prevention t-shirts. Official Unity Day t-shirts will be available for purchase for $12 beginning Sept. 8. CustomInk will donate all profits (approximately $8 per shirt) back to PACER. Be sure to order by Oct. 8 for guaranteed arrival in time for Unity Day. Order your 2015 Unity Day T-shirt at customink.com/stopbullying.

Join the We Will Generation!


Want to be a part of the movement of students looking out for students? Learn what you can do and how to take the pledge:

WE WILL be the generation to:

  • Own this issue and be the solution
  • Make sure every individual knows that they matter
  • Reach out to peers and let them know that they aren’t alone
  • Establish a supportive community that unites in action
  • Change the negativity that has impacted so many for so long
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Tell Us Why You Care

  • I care because they(doctors)have found that bullying plays a part in childhood and teenage depression and anxiety .

    Christina — 17
  • I care because I was kind of bullied in sixth grade and I've also been an eye witness to bullying. It isn't fair. Some people might respond to that statement with, "Life isn't fair," but I don't think so. You can make life as fair as possible by treating everyone as equals. Sometimes, all someone needs to make them happy is a "Hey! How are you today?". Some people are really emotional and they get bullied, but that's not a very rational reason, is it? I got bullied for caring too much. Tell me, should we really bully people for that reason? Should we really cast people out just because they're "too emotional", or "too weird"? You don't have to be everyone's friend; but you don't have to be friends to be nice to people.

    Ailat — 13
  • I think some bullying starts at home some kids are scared

    karina — 19
  • I care because not only have i been bullied at school but at home as well. People never know what a person goes through every day and its not right for people to be treated different because they act or look different. Everyone is unique in their own way so let them be them!

    Trey — 18
  • I don't like to see kids be upset

    Anna — 17
  • Bullying is disgusting. The people that pick on kids with disabilities are sad and need to learn some respect, it's not like it was thier choice to be that way. People that bully need to realize the effects you can have on some people, bullying can lead to depression, self harm, anxiety and in the worst case suicide. Grow up and realise your actions cause other people problems.

    Brodie — 15


My life as a fat kid

Everyday I wake up and I am scared to speak up about my problems. I go to school seeking an education but unfortunately that isn’t possible due to all of the people who bully me. They constantly abuse me both physically and emotionally. I am sad that I have to share this story but I know that it will help other in my situation.