• October is National Bullying Prevention Month

    Schools and communities unite to raise awareness for bullying prevention.

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  • Imagine

    Imagine going about your life while being bombarded with negative messages. Fortunately, PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center is giving kids the power to use their words not to hurt but to hear, to help, and to heal.

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  • Unity Day

    #UnityDay2014 – Wednesday, October 22, 2014

    Make it ORANGE and make it end! Unite against bullying!

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  • Matt the Film

    Matthew Tapia was born 3 months pre-mature, a mere 1.5 pounds. Doctors gave him a 5% chance of survival, and if he was able to defy the odds he would barely be able to speak or even walk. A film about the power of never giving up.

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  • You’re Not Alone

    PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center unites, engages, and educates communities nationwide to prevent bullying through the use of creative, interactive resources.

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  • Bullies and Bystanders

    Bullying and cyberbullying are a fact of life for many kids and teens; research suggests almost half of teens have experienced cyberbullying in the past year. But by standing up, instead of standing by, kids and teens can help end bullying.

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  • Lizzie Sider

    Lizzie is a country music singer/songwriter, who experienced verbal teasing and ridiculing from other children in elementary school. Her song, “Butterfly” tells her story and how she overcame her situation.

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Features / New Stuff

Disney Be Inspired logo

PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center is proud to partner with Disney during National Bullying Prevention Month in October



Disney Channel logo

Tune into a special, themed episode of “Austin & Ally” on Sunday, September 28 at 8 p.m. ET/PT and an all-new episode of “Girl Meets World” on Friday, October 17 at 8 p.m. ET/PT, both in support of Disney Channel’s “Choose Kindness” campaign.


Disney's Alex Angelo

Check out the special t-shirt designed by 13-year-old Alex Angelo, host of Radio Disney’s “Saturday Night Party” with Alex Angelo (Saturdays, 8:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m. ET / 5:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m. PT). A portion of sale proceeds donated to PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center.


Join the We Will Generation!


Want to be a part of the movement of students looking out for students? Learn what you can do and how to take the pledge:

WE WILL be the generation to:

  • Own this issue and be the solution
  • Make sure every individual knows that they matter
  • Reach out to peers and let them know that they aren’t alone
  • Establish a supportive community that unites in action
  • Change the negativity that has impacted so many for so long
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unity day shirt

CustomInk launches its 4th annual “Be Good to Each Other” t-shirt campaign in support of PACER!

Official Unity Day T-shirts are available now for $12, and CustomInk donates all profits (at least $9 per shirt!) to PACER.

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Tell Us Why You Care

  • I was bulled in elementary school and no one seemed to be doing anyhing about it. My parents ended up moving me to a private school where the bullying didn't stop but it didn't occur as much. I was lucky enough to have a Dad who taught me how to stick up for myself and it wasn't long before bullies stopped. Now I'm no longer bullied, but I know that it's not easy standing up to so many kids when you're standing alone. I didn't suffer as much as kids these days do even though the words were hurtful I was a very tough girl. But not all of us are tough and that's why we need others to be aware of this issue and what it can do to a child mentally, emotionally and academically. Bullying is a big issue and it needs to be solved. People need to stop looking past it becuase children are suffereing because of it.

    Elaine — US
  • I've been bullied for as long as i can remember, whether it was because of my weight,height, or some other ridiculous thing that i couldn't prevent,i always remembered how that felt and how badly i felt about myself because of the relentless bullying, NO ONE SHOULD EVER HAVE TO FEEL LIKE THAT!That is why i care.

    breanna — new york
  • I am active in my school with a program called the buddy program. the buddy program at my middle school has the eighth graders helping and mentoring the 5/7th graders. the eighth graders are called the big buddies and the littler kids are called the little buddies. I am so excited for the fall so I can get started. working with them and helping to make my school a better place. For most of the little buddies you are one of their only friends so you need to be there for them. once I herd that you could sign up right now me and 2 of my closest friends said that when we got out of class we were going to the office to sign up. BECAUSE WE WANT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE

    maddy — maine
  • I was bullied when I was in my gradeschool, boys and even girls pick on me. I never really had a friend and all i did back then was just cry & take all the insults in. Until I reached my highschool, I started to get myself altogether , i did become confident but in a bad way where I became a bully myself & did bully someone. when I reached my 2nd yr of HS, I decided to change, repent of what I did. and then I started to help those other teens at my school against those who bully them (it's like good bully vs bad bully). I was happy that i could help and now that I am in college finishing a degree I will never stop & try to help those who are in need.

    Allene — Philippines
  • This is the response to a "hey" I sent to someone on chat...."U stupid little girl leave me alone no one likes u so get a life and ya I get that u like me and all but tbh u r annoying ugly and fat so ya" This happens all the time at school. People are just mean and it makes me sad that I can't have to any friends. it is so bad I want to change schools. I really wish the teachers would open there eyes.

    Lena — Alabama
  • I care, because I lost a friend to bullying. Nobody deserves it. I want to help make a difference to end bullying!

    Cindy — Texas


Just the Thing
Meredith O'Connor

This video can be interpreted many ways. A lot of people didn’t get it in the first cut and a lot did. The point is that two people can be considered complete outcasts, but if they truly care about each other, that’s all they need and to them, its everyone else who are outcasts. Luke Bilyk was great to work with, and I am so happy he is another activist who stands by this message.