• Imagine

    Imagine going about your life while being bombarded with negative messages. Fortunately, PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center is giving kids the power to use their words not to hurt but to hear, to help, and to heal.

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  • You’re Not Alone

    PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center unites, engages, and educates communities nationwide to prevent bullying through the use of creative, interactive resources.

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  • Vikings Launch STOP BULLYING Campaign

    The Minnesota Vikings, along with Verizon and PACER, have teamed up to launch the “Viktor’s Quest to S.T.O.P. Bullying” program.

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  • Matt the Film

    Matthew Tapia was born 3 months pre-mature, a mere 1.5 pounds. Doctors gave him a 5% chance of survival, and if he was able to defy the odds he would barely be able to speak or even walk. A film about the power of never giving up.

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  • Bullies and Bystanders

    Bullying and cyberbullying are a fact of life for many kids and teens; research suggests almost half of teens have experienced cyberbullying in the past year. But by standing up, instead of standing by, kids and teens can help end bullying.

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  • Lizzie Sider

    Lizzie is a country music singer/songwriter, who experienced verbal teasing and ridiculing from other children in elementary school. Her song, “Butterfly” tells her story and how she overcame her situation.

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  • Band Together

    Inspired by your stories, “I’m Good” is a positive rallying cry to help put an end to bullying.

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  • Hold On

    The official music video for Hold On, performed by Charissa Hogeland, written by John Davisi.

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  • “Broken”

    Official music video for Anna Richey’s “Broken”, an inspiring song about bullying.

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Features / New Stuff


Unity Day was a great orange success

On Wed., Oct 22nd, the world came together to unite against bullying!

Here are a few Unity Day highlights:

  • At Ramstein Intermediate School, the lunchroom served orange colored food and a military unit provided 900 orange cookies for students. Even their jaguar mascot, Spots, dressed in orange.
  • Heritage High School in California had their 2nd annual Unity Flash Mob.
  • More than 550 students from Washington Elementary School in Washington celebrated by joining hands around their school and reciting their bully pledge.
  • AD Johnston High School in Michigan created an art piece to be displayed in their school. Each student, staff and board member decorated a popsicle stick and all the sticks were put into one piece of art to show that we are all individuals and together we create a larger beautiful piece of art.

Other celebrations across the country included a mix-it up lunch, pep rallies, paper chains of unity, and morning announcements. Unity Day celebrations also went international in Argentina, Mexico, Taiwan, United Kingdom and Canada. Thanks again to everyone who came together this year to show one giant message of support, hope and unity. When we stand together, no one stands alone!

Check out our Facebook page for more celebration activities!


Michael and Marisa

Your Story is Powerful! Share it for a chance to receive a 13-inch 256GB MacBook Air!*

Watch for announcement of story selected in early November!

Michael and Marisa, teen spokespersons for PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center, care deeply about the bullying prevention cause. Through their outreach, they know that a lot of kids feel like they are all alone, and that nothing will change. They are here to let other teens know that things can change, and they want to encourage all teens to be a part of that change by sharing your story. Selected stories will be posted to this website and one story will be chosen at random to receive a 13-inch 256GB MacBook Air!


Find out more


Join the We Will Generation!


Want to be a part of the movement of students looking out for students? Learn what you can do and how to take the pledge:

WE WILL be the generation to:

  • Own this issue and be the solution
  • Make sure every individual knows that they matter
  • Reach out to peers and let them know that they aren’t alone
  • Establish a supportive community that unites in action
  • Change the negativity that has impacted so many for so long
Learn more


Tell Us Why You Care

  • I care about bullying because I was bullied when I was younger because I was fat and I want bullying to stop and to all the bullies to stop bullying all the kids in the world.

    Yovany — 11
  • " Know you're not alone. You're worth something. Never think you can't hold on any longer. H.O.P.E- hold on, pains ends."

    Hannah — WI
  • i understand what bullying is because i have been bullied since year 3 and now i am in year 9 and i am still getting bullied. please help to stop bullying

    iqra — 13
  • I know how it feels to be bullied, and be the bully. I wanna change the way people feel and I want to help those who have no where else to turn. I want to be the person I wish I would've had when I was down.

    Kendall — Tennessee
  • When someone is begin bully tell someone cause it can cause depression. I care about it because I use to get bully when i was in grade school and I don't want any body to feel the way I felt. Be helpful and care

    Summer — 17
  • I care about bulling because i know how it feels when people get bulled. Bulling is a BIG effect in kids lives. I don't want kids or adults feel hurt or left out. Ive have been bulled a lot of times. I want people to stop bulling and make people feel happy and not left out lets all stop bulling together and make people feel happy.

    kenzie — 18


“No Match for Me” by Aditi Iyer

Aditi Iyer is a ten year old gifted singer from Delhi, India who is shaping up to be a crossover artiste doing western contemporary and classical songs.

‘No Match For Me’ is a very important song for her as an original recording artiste because despite being only ten, she has also faced the numerous odds that kids face when people (in her case kids from her previous school) are unkind, rude and tease you over things that can make one feel ill at ease. Aditi took her own sweet time to face her struggles and with the help of her mother’s guidance became stronger and now can face anybody as ‘no bully is any match for her inner strength’.

In her words, ‘every child or an adult can be and should be assertive as each person is unique and can stand up for herself / himself. If I can do it, anybody can.’

Aditi is truly grateful to April Knoll and Fred E Jam for believing and choosing her to sing their song.

Lyrics, and melody – April Knoll
Lead vocal – Aditi Iyer
Backing vocals – Ed Millican and Melani Cholie
Music and production – Fred E. Jam
Arrangement – April Knoll and Fred E. Jam