I Care Because…

  • People only bully because the are too scared to say their own weaknesses. Running away from their flaws they expose and exploit others' to feel good. It is nasty and cruel and big problem in our society. I HATE bullying and it should be stopped right away!

    Selam — 12
  • I've been bullied, quite a lot in the past..and not sure if I do, now, in High school . I have, Autism so it can, be really hard, knowing if...someone, was being, "Mean" or "Nice". Or even, if they are bullying, me or, not. It's hard, understanding other's, intentions.
    Being social, is different/ difficult for, me, that's why I was diagnosed with autism, 3 years ago. ((*But, I'm learning, to be more social...anyway*)) And I'm guessing, that's why, people might, treat, me differently. But also, I can/might/will even, misinterpret, a "situation"...that involved, other students, and myself. Just like, I said, I don't...understand, other intentions, and I have autism, so there's that. I hate discrimination, of any, type. No one, deserves to be treated, badly anyway, but it still happens, for some dumb reason. Being bullied is, NOT THE BEST FEELING...I should know, I've had experiences, with it.

    Maria R — 15
  • Because too many people hurt themselves because of bullying. It needs to end.

    Alex — 12
  • I was bullied by a kid in my grade constantly

    John — 65
  • I care because people call me rude names in real person and on the computer. Bullying must be stopped!!!!

    Charlie — 12
  • You don't deserve to be bullied. Nobody does. We need to put an end to it. Bullies are just looking to impress their friends, but you know you are powerful, and can stand up to that bully.

  • I care because we all have feelings and should be treated right

    Rissssaaaaa — 12
  • I care because everyone deserves to have a chance and to know someone cares for them. I have older and younger brothers and being the only girl I knew what it was like to feel like I didn't matter and that was the worst feeling in the world, I don't want anyone else thinking that. No matter what people say to you or about you I want each and everyone of you to remember that you matter and you will have someone there to care and love you forever.

    Cassandra — 14
  • I was bullied my whole life -- if I can recover so can the other victims but bullies need to watch what they say and bystanders need to stand up to bully's because together we can stop it!

    Song — 23
  • Just Don't

    AB — 13