I Care Because…

  • If you get bullied just know you're not alone. ❤

    Casey — 14
  • the world can change its heart but it has to start with us

    victoria — 13
  • I care because it is incredibly difficult to come home from school every day with tears in your eyes but a smile on your face. I care because this is what many, many people go through, it is what ruins their childhood and knocks down their self esteem and motivation. I care because that one kid you just called a loner might be having abusive parents, that girl you called fat may be struggling with an eating disorder, that boy you called a coward may be the strongest person you will ever come across. I care because I've been there, and because I got through it, and it doesn't matter who you are. You'll get through it, too. Stay strong, and know that you are loved.
    Sincerely, a friend.

    Anon — 16
  • The People Who Talk About You Behind You Back Are The People You Should Keep Behind Your Back

    Zoe — 13
  • I care because every kid is their own person. Nobody can help it if they are sick, what color they are, and even how they speak. I get bullied almost every day, and its not fair that we have to go through this. We are who we are. I stood up for this kid who was being bullied and he didn't even know he was getting bullied. My ex- friend was saying I wanted pity when I didn't. They just want attention and put us down to make them self feel better. You don't have to be popular, good at sports, or ever have a phone to be you. BE YOU!

    Erica — 13
  • I was bullied in 5th grade because I had a lot of bumps on my face but that didn't stop me from doing ANYTHING I told my mom what was happening and everything stopped I was so happy

    Kearrah — 12
  • i care because i got bullied for my weight and how i dress i even thought about fakin my death due to multiple bullies i fought them and got into trouble so please take a stand

    ben — 15
  • because i have been bullied for 5 years it started with my name than it was physical i bottled it all up inside me and every day i come home said hi to my mum and went in to my room and started crying one day my mum finally found out and went to the school and pulled me out and my friends tried to help but i was so close to hurting myself

    latoya — 12
  • I was bullied in elementary and middle school. It stopped in 8th grade. I never want anyone else to feel that they are alone and that they have no one to talk to.

    Rosa — 15
  • I care because I want to tell to those who are bullying others that if they make others suffer they will not feel better than anyone else.

    Neaj — 14