I Care Because…

  • I care because this always happens to me and want other people to feel happy about themselves.

  • I have been bullied since the 3rd grade. It got to the point where I was strangled. She has gotten more physical now in middle school. I feel like nothing and that I cannot make a difference. That is why I started a kindness campaign at my school. I do not want anyone to feel the way I do.

    Camden — 13
  • I care about bullying because my friends are bullies. I had a friendship breakup with them and now they bully me. I want it to stop because I know people around the world also are being hurt like me. I am shy and scared to reach out but I know we all need to talk about it at some point.

    Chloe — 12
  • Bullying is hurtful and uncalled for and should be stopped.

    Anthony — 13
  • People only bully because the are too scared to say their own weaknesses. Running away from their flaws they expose and exploit others' to feel good. It is nasty and cruel and big problem in our society. I HATE bullying and it should be stopped right away!

    drizzbela — 16
  • Bullying other people is not nice or cool if your friends are bullying tell them to stop don't bully with them

    Maddy — 12
  • I think bullying shouldn't be a thing it puts people down and that is mean if you bully then you need to stop because you're disgusting.

    Nick Weber — 12
  • Bullying can cause people to self-harm and it can ruin their future.

    Richard — 12
  • I am in 7th grade. I was bullied since 1st grade and nothing has changed. I am told to stay strong, but nothing is helping. I dont want to forever be a victim. No one should deserve to be bullied. Stay strong. Stick up for yourself because your better then you think. The people who talk behind your back are where they belong...behind you. Stay strong. Because you are strong. Dont be like me. Fight for what you believe is right.

    Azaria — 12
  • I care about bullying because I would not want to be bullied so I don't want to see others being bullied.

    Gabrielle — 12