I Care Because…

  • I feel bad for the people getting bullied

    Seylena — 12
  • Ignore them and just walk away, tell a teacher. But most importantly don't be afraid to stand up for your self :)

    Jade — 13
  • Its ok your perfect just the way you are stay you!

    Savannah Smith — 13
  • Being a respectful person is one of the most important things to me because of my past experiences and because of who I am. I've seen what being bullied does to a person. Just like many others, I have tried and tried to make the classroom/internet/community a better, safer, happier place for everyone. You learn that it's not just the duty of one person. It takes more; more bodies, more ideas than just one's own. So if you, or someone you know is being a bully, just think of how people would feel if you were the one being called useless and pointless and not cared about... Think about how people who love you would feel if you were bullied so bad, for so long, that you had no more hope left, and made it your purpose to end your life. So decide to be a person who lifts people up. Who knows, if you gave people who are "different" from you a chance, they could be the most respectful, kind-hearted, loyal person you know.
    Life is a beautiful thing, so don't risk taking it away from somebody else...

    Destiny — 15
  • I been bullied and had some suicidal thoughts and no one should have thoughts about that so that's why I think people should stop bullying

    Kennedi — 12
  • Bullying is very bad

    Sarah — 13
  • For all of ya'll bullies out there ya'll need to stop bullying people it's not cute you're just making a fool out of yourself and people won't want to be around you if you keep this up, you're gonna end up learning it the hard way when the person you are bullying or the people you have bullied will stand up to you and won't take any of you anymore and will report you and it will stop right then and there.

    Brittany — 14
  • BULLYING is soooooo bad and i dont like people getting bullied because it makes me feel bad for them and i will stick up for the kids that are getting bullied.

    steve — 21
  • I care because I got bullied by this kid in 4th grade and he started talking about me so I felt bad in the inside as I talk back and said ''i dont like bullys like you and stop making talking about me and making fun so JUST GO AWAY''.Then after I said that he started hitting me after that i was bleeding it felt like i got ran over.So thats why I care about kids getting bullied STOP BULLYING IS NOT RIGHT SO JUST STOOOOOP !

    steve — 21
  • its wrong and can end someones life. dont treat it as a joke either, nothing about bullying is funny. take a stand and stand up against the bullies.

    lauren — 19