Put it behind you


When I was younger I started getting bullied for my name. For people would sat that it is a boys name (I am a girl), but really it is a name for both girls and boys. If I told an adult I would be given the “T” sign (meaning: Tattletale) . So I started keeping it to myself, crying myself to sleep at night, attempting to starve myself, and ect. Then I started getting older and developing a personality. Now obviously there is always going to be a person out there who doesn’t like you. But there were so many people who hated me that I really couldn’t take it. My friend and I had started to drift apart at this time. After about a year and a half we started talking and hanging out again. But it has been 11 1/2 years and the bullying is still going. I’m turning 12 in two months and the bullying is still happening…..