Bullying Defined

What Is Bullying?

Bullying is different from the typical disagreements or conflict that occur between friends or classmates. What’s the difference?

It’s bullying if:

  • The person is being hurt, harmed or humiliated with words or behavior.
  • The behavior is repeated, though it can be a single incident.
  • It is being done intentionally.
  • The person being hurt has a hard time defending themselves from the behavior.
  • The student(s) who are doing it have more power.*

* ”Power” can include such things as being older, being physically bigger or stronger, having more social status, or when a group of students “gang up” on someone.

A lot of teens describe bullying as, “When someone tries to make you feel less about who you are as a person, and you aren’t able to make it stop.”


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Are You Being Bullied

Bullying can happen to anyone—and it’s not always so simple to recognize. This interactive list provides insight into whether or not it’s happening to you.

Are You Being Bullied?

Do you Bully?

A person who bullies isn’t always “the other kid.” Sometimes, it might be… you! This interactive list will help you think through behaviors that are considered bullying.”

Do You Bully?

Definitely True or No Way

We always knew that sticks and stones can break bones, but now we understand that words really DO hurt. Read each statement in this activity and decide if it’s “definitely true” or “no way”.

Definitely True or No Way

Pop Quiz

Show what you have learned about how to define bullying. Take the quiz and check your response.

Pop Quiz

Share Your Opinion

It’s important to remember that you’re not alone. Teens just like you have shared their thoughts on bullying. This poll gives the opportunity to share your perspective.

Share Your Opinion