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    FREE Virtual Run, Walk, Roll Against Bullying

    During April – walk, run, roll, stroll, bike, hike, wheel, indoor – with a goal of reaching 24,901 miles, the distance around the world.

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  • COVID-19 Infographic

    Infographic with relationship between COVID-19, distance learning and potential for cyberbullying.

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  • Teen Poster Series

    Download to print and share this free 3-poster series, sponsored by a partnership with Instagram, and designed by illustrator @leonatsume from ideas inspired by teens.

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  • “Hard Things” – Juliette Reilly (Music Video With Fans)

    Nashville singer/songwriter on a mission to end teen bullying and raise awareness about mental health issues.

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  • This I Believe

    Five high school students read an adaptation of an essay written by a 14-year-old.

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  • What Should You Do? Ways to Be There

    PACERTalks About Bullying, Episode 19

    Insights and advice from students as they think through how to respond to real life bullying situations.

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  • Teen Talk on Cyberbullying

    Watch this short video designed to provide authentic insight and perspective from peers on issues related to cyberbullying.

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  • Together Against Bullying

    Animated video created from student drawings and writing, brought to life with the voices of youth.

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  • You Are Braver, Stronger and Smarter Than You Think

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  • New Day

    When a high school student experiences bullying at her new school, she finds hope from her peers. Special thanks to kouraproductions for creating and producing this powerful video!

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Bullying Prevention 101

This quick guide for middle and high school students provides helpful information on what bullying is, who is involved, the roles played, and bullying prevention rights, along with ideas for advocacy and self-advocacy.

Your Views Matter

What you think is important! If you have ever been bullied or have seen bullying, share your anonymous responses.

Take The Pledge

Send a message of hope and support! Take the pledge and make a commitment to show that we are together against bullying, and united for kindness, acceptance, and inclusion.

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Teens Against Bullying bookmarks, new design now available!

The updated design of the Teens Against Bullying bookmark encourages middle and high school students with the message, “Together We Can Help Create A World Without Bullying.” The other side features a pledge for kindness, acceptance, and inclusion.

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Student Action Plan Against Bullying

Ready to take action to address bullying? Maybe not sure how to start? As a student, bullying is something that impacts you, your peers, and your school – whether you’re the target of bullying, a witness, or the person who bullies. Bullying can end, but that won’t happen unless students, parents, and educators work together and take action.

Download action plan | English | Spanish | Hmong | Somali

Tell Us Why You Care

  • i dont want people to feel down because of bullying because it will hurt them forever stand up to bullying

    Nick —
  • I care about bullying for many different reasons and some are because it is something that shouldn't be a thing in this society. I think this because it is something that hurts people on the inside and sometimes the outside.

  • I am a high school teacher and I see bullying daily. I do what I can in the classroom, but it's just not enough. I want to see change in the culture of my students. When I was young I too was bullied. I care because growing up is hard enough... I want to make a difference

    Kristen — 43
  • i care because It truly hurts from the inside. And there's kids out there like i was, feeling all alone, hurt, and scared what the next day would put in my face

    noah — 13
  • I get bullied every day but it I kind of stick up for my self. My cousin is getting bullied because he is fat he says he ain’t he is nice kind and smart he is the best cousin ever he does not stick up for himself so I do.

    Ava — 12
  • I care because bullying can cause lots of damage to someone's life even when they grow up and bullying isn't right.

    Kaitlyn — 17



At age 12 all I wanted to be was myself. I had a few friends and was starting my final year at my school. Everything seemed fine at first but all of a sudden my life fell apart. All I did was score badly on a test. I’m overall a really good student and I get good marks. I managed to fix back the pieces and everything went back to normal but it didn’t last. Things fell apart again a couple of months later. I got harassed and tormented. I was called racist even though I wasn’t. As a member of the Asian community, I do get bullied a lot. It’s still currently ongoing and I’m desperate for support.