• Teen Talk on Cyberbullying

    Watch this short video designed to provide authentic insight and perspective from peers on issues related to cyberbullying.

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  • Together Against Bullying

    Animated video created from student drawings and writing, brought to life with the voices of youth.

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  • You Are Braver, Stronger and Smarter Than You Think

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  • Turn a Life Around

    Bullying knocks down thousands of kids every day, but when one person stands, another will stand with them. You can be that person, you can turn a life around.

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  • Ask Jamie

    Whether you are being bullied, witnessing bullying, afraid of peer pressure, concerned your actions are hurting others, or something else, just ask Jamie! With zero judgments and her best advice, she is here for you.

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  • Lizzie Sider

    Lizzie is a country music singer/songwriter, who experienced verbal teasing and ridiculing from other children in elementary school. Her song, “Butterfly” tells her story and how she overcame her situation.

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  • New Day

    When a high school student experiences bullying at her new school, she finds hope from her peers. Special thanks to kouraproductions for creating and producing this powerful video!

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  • View the UNITY DAY 2016 Photo Album

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Features / New Stuff

Pledge To Join “Together Against Bullying”

Take the online “Together Against Bullying” pledge or hold a pledge signing event at your school and encourage students and teachers to sign paper copies of the pledge.

Students With Solutions

Students with Solutions is a campaign which engages students to use art and writing to creatively think through ways to prevent bullying and be supportive of peers being bullied. Look for a new contest (with prizes!) to be announced for Fall 2017. We want to hear what you think about bullying and creating communities defined by kindness, acceptance, and inclusion.

Unity Awards 2017

Unity Awards were given for the third time in May, 2017 to some great groups and individuals from all around the country. For more information on the awards and this year’s recipients, take a look at our Unity Awards page.

Together Against Bullying Video

This is an animated video created from student drawings and writing that shows that kids want bullying to stop and want to be part of the solution.


Student Action Plan Against Bullying

Wondering what you can do to address bullying? This handout will help you develop a strategy to change the bullying situation you have experienced.

Download Action Plan

Join the We Will Generation!


Want to be a part of the movement of students looking out for students? Learn what you can do and how to take the pledge:

WE WILL be the generation to:

  • Own this issue and be the solution
  • Make sure every individual knows that they matter
  • Reach out to peers and let them know that they aren’t alone
  • Establish a supportive community that unites in action
  • Change the negativity that has impacted so many for so long

Learn more


Tell Us Why You Care

  • I care because I have been bullied and I told every one that I got bullied back in 2 and 3 grade. They didn't help me. l always got kicked and they told me names. I tried to tell the principal,and they always told me that she wasn't there. So, I tried to play soccer and they said that I suck because I was a girl. I told my mom that I was bullied and she took me out of that school. They accept me for who I am I. I wasn't judged by anyone. I met Ms.Rachel and she always cheered me up when I was sad.

    Amylette — 10
  • we care because bullying can have a big effect on your mental health that is bad! WE CARE

    kimberli and miriama — 11
  • I care because I want to tell to those who are bullying others that if they make others suffer they will not feel better than anyone else.

    Neaj — 14
  • Nobody should EVER be put down because of who they are. Children (and adults!) should feel free to be themselves and not have to worry about what someone else is going to think or do about it. Bullying is wrong, and I know how it feels. You're going to get through this, I promise! <3

    Audrey — 14
  • Bullying Is Wrong We Should Stop Bullying. Thousands Of Kids Don't Go To School Because Of Bullying. Confront People Who Are Bullying Other People The Bystanders Are The Most Powerful In The Situation

    Lucas — 12
  • I know what it feels to be bullied and It's very tough. I'm still currently being bullied (yes adults can get bullied too). I've been bullied when I was in elementary and high school. I was once weak to accept their words but now I know that they were wrong and everything they've said and done was simply out of their insecurity. Don't feed into their words. People will take the smallest things and manipulate them. This is their way of making you believe in them. People like that makes you feel worthless and weak but the hidden truthful secret is that they're the ones with insecurities and who are very bitter. They're simply angry within themselves. These kind of people are simply taking their anger out on everyone and the reasons why they could be choosing you because they've once seen joy and happiness from within you. They see something that they want. Don't let bullies get the best of you. You won't be in their miserable surroundings for long. Let go and karma will handle. Karma is real and what they're doing to you, they'll pay for it soon. You continue to be a kind person because you are much stronger than what you know. Rise above!

    If you want to message me, feel free to email me at "lifecanbereallybeautiful" at gmail.

    Tiffany — 24



This I believe isn’t a story like others. I believe that this should be brought up because this had happened to others as well. I saw it happen, cyber bullying that is. I barely knew the kid, Brandon, but I stood up for him. Suddenly I got a dm from the bully. And this was in November 2016. It’s currently July 20, 2017. It hadn’t stopped one bit. This person, I’ve got no clue who it is, knows my name, they know my face. I have to take their hate, and it’s not pretty. See this isn’t a story where someone tells me that I’m ugly. Every time I didn’t they’d post my face on their account and write mean comments. I felt depressed, suicidal, anxious, scared, self conscious, and worst of all, trapped. I am 14 and my life has been turned upside down. I made a mistake on a public account to post selfies of me and just my face in general and there you go, that was my mistake and I’m paying for it greatly. But for one little mistake I’m being harassed online? Why? What Is the purpose to that? I speak for dozens of instagramers who have been harassed by a complete stranger! I have not heard from Brandon since March and cyber bullying isn’t just hurtful, it’s a silent killer. Please listen to my story and do something, anything Instagram! I’m fed up! This is not okay words hurt!