I Care Because…

  • Bullying is happening everywhere. I may not be the one who has been bullied (or even bullies) but I care because the harassment doesn't end if no one stops it or no one is taking a stand. So with this opportunity, I want to tell everyone that it's not bad to be different and don't change for the society to like you. You are beautiful just the way you are. It's okay to be upstream and you don't have to be the same with others because we are all unique in our own different ways and that's what makes our world colorful. Always stand up and be confident enough to be yourself. You are special and has a purpose. DON'T FORGET THAT!

    Alexandra — 16
  • Harassment is not something easy to talk about, but if we do not talk about it can get worse and can go to suicide. Often, the bully takes to those who for them are "different", for me harassment will have to be banned. For the victims,their lives must be appalling, horrible and they must be destroyed by bullying. My advice is that you should not sit back and you should talk to someone (to à teacher,to an adult,to his parents...).

    Camille — 12
  • it sucks

    uknown —
  • i never want this to happen to nobody. But i care for my friends some are their for me and some are not but i give my handout to all those who been through, I give you my hope, My love, and power to be confident and together we can stop bullying.

    Joshua — 16
  • No one deserves to be bullied. It is unfair that there are people in this world that get brought down because they are "different". There are so many beautiful people in this world that are being bullied, because they feel insecure, lonely, lost, and afraid. If we can all learn to just be our amazing selves, then I think some of this bullying will decrease. Also, remember, be yourself because everyone else is taken. xoxo

    Megan — 13
  • I care because I was bullied for ten years, and I recently developed anxiety because of it. I don't want anyone else to go through what I did from first through ninth grade. People deserve to be loved and accepted by their peers.

    Aubree — 17
  • I see kids get bullied a lot and I feel bad for them. And I usually would stand up for that person, mainly because they shouldn't be getting bullied in the first place.

    Jasmine — 12
  • I care because I myself am bullied untill now, and I know how it hurts.

    Ella — 13
  • because i have been bullied for years because i have autism. I don't look any different then but they like to make fun of me. I care because I know how everyone else feels and I want to help

    Grace — 17
  • I care about bullying because its not fair for students.

    Henry — 12