I Care Because…

  • it impacts and causes so many situations that can be avoided if the person being bullied talked to someone

    Kenia —
  • I care because we all deserve the right to live peacefully, so preventing bullying by speaking up, by not participating, or by discouraging others to participate can help someone live their life in peace.

    Lesley — 13
  • People already have so much to worry about, and others hurting them through verbal or physical bullying should not be another worry. Everyone should be able to be their authentic selves.

    Lyssa — 13
  • I care because bullying can be detrimental to someone else's mental health. Bullying could be the reason someone decides to take their own life, or engage in self-harm.

    Gabriela — 15
  • The lives of innocent people are affected..

    Pree —
  • I was bullied once before and it's not a pleasant feeling. I wouldn't want anyone to feel bullied like I felt.

    Jose — 14
  • I promise to set a good example and never bully anyone!

    ARYIANN — 12
  • It’s wrong

    Anna — 18
  • I think bullying can you know affect a person's mental health and sometimes physical health and is not fair as the person is just them.

    Taquavion — 19
  • I care because people can get hurt both physically and mentally. It can cause quite a serious effect which may cause things like, trauma, depression, anxiety and most of all it may cause something like self-harm.