I Care Because…

  • Alot of people are affected by it and it could lead them to harm themselves or others' lives.

    jasiah — 16
  • i care because you never know what something is going through or when they're at their breaking point so i always want to let people know that they're loved or cared about because i went through a lot of stuff these past years and i had a few people that made everything feel a lot better even though it wasn't big things.

    jada — 16
  • I care because i don't want to see someone feeling down, and is not good to bully someone. Hurting someone's feelings is not good and you don't know what they have to deal with in their life.

    Maung — 17
  • i think bullying is very uncalled for because i feel there is no need to make someone feel bad.

    steven — 16
  • ive seen many students being bullied before. its sad, very sad! my brother has been bullied so i stand up for the kids when i see them getting bullied.

    aiden — 16
  • I hate seeing people get treated poorly. And when it happens for no reason it's gross.

    Aurora — kulp
  • No one should ever feel not worthy of being themselves and they should always be confident and not sad about who they are as a person

    Jacob — 16
  • I care about bullying because its bad. I think people should not be bullying or be a part of it because what if it happens to you or someone close to you. You wouldn't like it

    Akieya — 16
  • I care because I want people to respond to when someone is bullied. i have been bullied myself and have seen people and even my friends walk by and do nothing. i don't want that to happen anymore and let people have the corurage to respond.

    Logan — Rommel
  • I care about people bullying others because i don't think its right. i don't think anyone should have to go through getting bullied it's not right. just because someone looks different from others doesn't mean you have to judge them.

    xavier — 16