I Care Because…

  • Last year I was spread a rumour. It was to my friend, his skin was a little green and he was very clever so I thought that he was an alien.The rumour started on snapchat when I post a stupid picture and I tagged that "L was an alien because his skin was a little green". Then everyone said that L was an alien and he was very devastated. I regret it today, don't do this you can destroy the victim and the parents of the victim.

    willan — 13
  • I can't stand seeing people getting bullied, you can tell its not right. I care for everyone even my bully I know to stay strong and do something i always step in when i see younger kids fight lets help our earth be more kind, 1 can do much more than u think.

    Amelia — 13
  • i care because i am a bisexual 11 year old girl in a bad ish school so i know how it is to get bullied its hard

    o. — 11
  • It's horrible to see that a friend is being victimzed by someone bigger. He tries to steal money from him. I say that we must punish these evil person and that we must especially talk about it.

    Mathis — 13
  • I care because bullying can take people out of this world. People who could have grown up to do amazing things but didn't, because the bullying go to harsh for them to handle.

    Noe — 15
  • when I was in elementary school there was someone who was rude and disrespectful and brought a knife to school to kill someone I knew. I snitched on him and he went away and was never seen again I saved a life but in the end I became the victim bullied abused and attacked by too many people at the same time it was unfair and in the end the scars on my hands are from a knife I was only in 3rd grade.

    Antonio — 14
  • People don't deserve others being mean to them cause they can't figure out their own stuff that's going on. Also when someone gets bullied it hurts people they start to be depressed doesn't want to go to school and probably going to have suicidal thoughts.

    ayat — 14
  • Bullying is wrong, and no one deserves to be treated like they're nothing.

    Kate — 14
  • I am getting bullied by this sixth grader and he is just saying that I am worth nothing and I should just die. He keeps cussing me out, calling me names, and all these other bullying types of things. I have done everything in my power to try and get him to stop but he won't.

    Tristan — 13
  • I get bullied a lot and I hate it stop now.

    Deacon — 12