I Care Because…

  • I care because no one deserves to be bullied no matter what they have done or are insecure about.

    Faith — 16
  • I care because not everyone lives the same life and not everyone is the same so you can't put them down like that and that you should be nice to everyone around you.

    Jonathan — 15
  • He should talk to teachers or his parent but make sure he is talking to an adult

    Abdé — 14
  • Because we all not supposed to bully each other, it hurts me seeing someone getting bullied just because of what she or he is wearing or don't like someone by their appearance. It happens a lot at school and I myself have gotten bullied about my country and other stuff. It really hurts me as an African child who just came to another country to survive instead I'm getting hurt.

    Ester — 15
  • I care because bullying should not make anyone feel less than they are.

    Jailyn — 15
  • I care because bullying is wrong

    Wyatt — 14
  • I care because bullying isn't the right thing to do.

    jaquez — 15
  • I care because bullying isn't right and it can mess someone up so bad they harm themselves.

    Maddie — 14
  • i have had people call me names and not let me play any games with them

    Jeremy — 11
  • I care because bullying should not be practiced in any environment because it promotes self harm and negative thoughts.

    Logan t — 15