I Care Because…

  • No one deserves to go through it no matter the skin color or ability. We all can do this...not such a difficult thing to do... let love lead. Let's put an end to bullying.

    Shey — 17
  • No one should be bullied! Everyone matters

  • Bullies never win because they are weak, learn to defend yourself and don’t allow people’s negative word to water down your greatness.
    Remember that you are beautiful!

    Eunice — 21
  • Boys and girls is not right for one it is disrespectful, rude, hurtful, mean,where is a bunch more why it is hurtful and stuff like that. when some girls is getting bullied I will deal with it. the same with the boys.

    Jonathan — 13
  • It is so bad and I have been bullied and also bullied DONT DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bullies are just making fun of us because we are diffrent and i am tired of being bullied and the harrasment at the school

    jazmin — 12
  • i care because i get called names just because they think we won't stand up for ourselves

    jazmin — 12
  • I care because I know how it feels to feel as if you are alone, and no one cares about you or your feelings. My brother has been bullied, and no one deserves to be mistreated because they are different. I am very much against bullying. Speak kind words, and treat others with the same respect you would like to be shown 🙂

    Jasmine — 24
  • Bullying hurts people, and the bullies don't care

    Katie — 12
  • We all care about stepping up to people that are getting bullied but the bullies don't like stepping up for themselves because they think they are tough but they are not because all bullies want is just to get attention

    Bobby — 16