I Care Because…

  • I have personal experience of being seriously bullied myself throughout my time at Secondary School. A great deal of it took place online as well as on in school. People would put (bad) photos up on Facebook without my permission where they'd then all scoff and jeer at me in the comments. It felt absolutely humiliating to just go through school being treated as one big joke. I also had people go "UGH!" when they'd walk past me and had a group of girls aggressively corner me when I had not long been in the school. I would even have strangers, mutual friends of the bullies, add me on Facebook and then troll my wall then put more bad photos of me up on their profile without my permission. All this serious bullying I received still haunts me and my self-esteem to this day, but has also caused me to empathize with the issue of bullying deeply. I hate bullying so much, it makes me absolutely sick to the stomach and just wish an end could be put to it somehow!!

    Simone — 21
  • I've been bullied multiple times, online and in real life. It's really horrible and I wish no one ever has to go through it.

    Lu — 13
  • I don't want anybody to be hurt. I hate seeing bullying happen.

    Alex — 13
  • I have been bullied for like 2 years. I was in eighth grade when this whole thing started, My classmates, whom I had known for an entire year started being mean on me. A boy hit me with a desk and whenever, since that day on, I cried, everyone just made fun of me. I didn't listen to my parents and I didn't want to go to school, their words hurt so much. I was also linked up with boys I was friends with. I hate it. I freaking hate it. I don't deserve this. I've had freaking enough. People made fun of my teeth and my face. Just because I was different from them. I am choosing to be super outspoken about this problem.

    Priyansha — 14
  • we care because bullying can have a big effect on your mental health that is bad! WE CARE

    kimberli and miriama — 11
  • I care about bullying because my friends are bullies. I had a friendship breakup with them and now they bully me. I want it to stop because I know people around the world also are being hurt like me. I am shy and scared to reach out but I know we all need to talk about it at some point.

    Chloe — 12
  • i have been bullied before and it does not make you feel good

    adam — 11
  • Bullying other people is not nice or cool if your friends are bullying tell them to stop don't bully with them

    Maddy — 12
  • During my whole life I've been bullied. I've experienced things that made me cry at night. I want this to stop.

    DANIELLA — 13
  • I think bullying shouldn't be a thing it puts people down and that is mean. if you bully then you need to stop.

    Nick Weber — 12