I Care Because…

  • Hello, good luck to you. Don't listen to them and talk to your loved ones. We are all equals.

    Timéo — 12
  • I care because we are all human, so we have to act like it. If you're a bully, in my books you're a monster. The bible says all humans are equal, no one is better than another. Rich or poor, famous or unknown, "normal" or different... it doesn't matter.

    Julie — 16
  • i care because bullying is wrong and they don't do anything to deserve it

    Micheal — 12
  • Me importa porque la acosasion pueden llegar a ser algo peligrisosos algo que puede llegar a ser algo muy peligroso no dejemos que nos acosen mas. Vamos.

  • it's not a joke to bully someone it's not nice and it's hurtful

    eduardo — 12
  • i care because it isn't right to bully people for who they are and it isn't cool

    sophia — 11
  • I care because sometimes bullying can get to a point where they may act out and even resort to being a bully themselves.

    Chase — 12
  • You shouldn't listen to them anymore. There will always be someone to talk to. Be brave!

    Ely — 12,5
  • It's important especially to the people who are getting bullied.

    prim — 11
  • it's not nice to bully

    NATHAN — 12