I Care Because…

  • The world is already a cruel and hurtful place, and we never know what goes on in someone's personal life. So, be sure never to make someone go home feeling bad because you never know how big of an impact your words can make.

    Emma — 13
  • bullying is very very very bad for your health and can cause mental breakdowns

  • bullying stop pls man you are hurting other peoples feelings

    pesto — 15
  • I care because it’s not nice to bully kids and that could break their heart and also not wanting them to come to school and it’s a distraction to them and also you don’t know what they're going through.

    Hassan — 11
  • I care because I’ve seen bullying happen throughout middle school and it can really mess up some one. Most of the time bullying happens because a kid has issues going on at home and he is taking it out on other kids. If someone is being bullied and you see it, go stand up for them. Help them out.

    Jenna — 15
  • I was bullied a lot back in elementary school and considered the weird kid all my life. I started to feel like I was such a weirdo and I got insecure about asking for help from the teacher since kids I sat next to kept saying I was annoying. So I stopped asking for help because I thought I would bother people. I also kept thinking I was ugly because of all the things the kids said to me back then, now I know it isn’t true and you shouldn’t just do that to people. Even if that was years ago things can still hurt you to this day.

    Emily — 16
  • I care because I want to be nice to people. I am not a bully. I don't call people names. I am nice to everyone.

    Leslie — 16
  • because bullying is not okay. i have never been bullied but my friend that gets bullied at my old school had very bad mental health after years of bullying. do not bully people. treat people the way you want to treated.

    Lanaea — 12
  • I care because people could be going through other things in life. They could be having trouble at home with their mental health and bullying will just make it worse.

    Lake — 13
  • It can lead people to do bad things to themselves, talk bad about themselves and it can even lead to depression. And sometimes they can threaten the people they are bullying for example, “I’m gonna come to your house if you tell on us.”. And it scares the person to tell an adult. So I want my school to be a bully free school and a safe middle school where everyone can go. So if people do threaten you, you shouldn’t listen to them because they aren’t gonna do what they say they are gonna do. So talk up and tell a adult you trust and even if its a different teacher or dean you should still tell them what's going on.

    Maria — 11