I Care Because…

  • I care because bullies do not have the right to bully that’s why I care.

    Trenten — 11
  • Bullying can spread. Like a virus. So quick but yet so horrible.

    Lauren S — 11
  • i care about people getting bullied because its not right to do that, and feeling hurt is not really good, and y'all have to make sure to tell an adult cause that one's the thing that can stop them from bullying. so this is why i care, i care about everybody. i try my best for them .

    richsann — 12
  • i care because bullying is not ok and people shouldn’t live in fear of if they are going to get made fun of or physically hurt.

    Bailey — 12
  • i care because it hurts people's feelings and it's not deserved

    reiley — krauss
  • I care because the victims may hurt themselves.

    LaTay — 12
  • its mean and and sad i don't like it
    and the victims i support

    noah — 11
  • I care because I care about the victims

    Aadyn — 12
  • I care because i hate bullying and it's very stupid

    Owen — 11
  • I care because it is wrong.

    Lucas — 12