I Care Because…

  • stop it!!!! bullying can ruin someone's future

    shazwan — 17
  • This year, one boy confronted me. He yelled, "Why are you always following me?". Afterwards his friends would just say weird things to me. Has anyone been through this? This seems like a very particular bullying case. But I care! And I want to be an ally to anyone being bullied.

    Anonymous — 12
  • I have been bullied since 3rd grade and I’m in 8th now and have tried to commit suicide because of it and I don’t want anyone else to have to go through what I do every day

    Nadia — 13
  • We all bleed red, thus are all human, thus are all family. While you don't always get along with your family, you always know deep down that you love and care about them.

    Hailee — 13
  • I am being bullied at school rn. Just today I was called fat. It's everyday and the teacher's and the principals and the staff don't care. Idk what to do anymore. I have to not only stick up for myself, but for a bunch of other people too. I wish someone realized how much it hurts to be bullied.

    Morgan😙 — 13
  • My statement is to end bullying and cyber bullying. I’ve been bullied, humiliated, even being unappreciated since I was 7 to 20. I’m 21 now and I feel like a teen cause my face never change since elementary school. I don’t smile much cause like is hard for me, have depression since the last day of school in 2015. Didn’t graduate with a regular diploma, which cause me never do work again after being yelled at for no reason. I’m so sick and tired of it and I wish bullying just end just now cause I’m tired of seeing the young ones ending their lives. This has gotta stop

    Galiano — 21
  • Me and my friends are all bisexual or homosexuals. Because of this we have realized how many people are very homophobic and bully kids because of it. Even adults bully kids who are not straight. We want to bring awareness that bullying not only exists as cyber bullying, physical bullying, mental bullying, emotional bullying, it also exists as homophobia.

    Kayleigh — 15
  • I care because no one deserves to bullied or to wake up and not want to live no more because people around them make them feel bad about them selfs and that no wants them there. One act of kindness can start a chain reaction.

    Sarah — 15
  • I know how bullying feels but you are going to get through it all with everything still there. You’re gonna be alright. Suicide is never the answer. Be strong and tell somebody about the problem even though it may not be right then and there. They will help you in the end.

    Emily — 13
  • No one should be a bully or get bullied even if they once done something bad or they look different or speak a different language

    kaitlyn — 12