I Care Because…

  • I care, I was once in the same position you are. What really matters it that you know your own self worth.You just needa be you. I wear a cape to school everyday. And sure i get dirty looks but im comfortable. Do what makes you happy.

    Louazha — 15
  • You're not superior to me. You have flaws just like me. I'm just not as insecure as you are.

    Arvay — 23
  • I've been bullied for years and I just ignore it. I got picked on because I am fat. I'm like look I already know but you calling it out is irrelevant but I know why they bully. They bully to make them feel better about themselves because they just don't become bullies something happens to them that makes them want to bully to feel better. I challenge all of you to go up to your bully and tell him/her "Have a good day" and if they say something nice back then that's great but if its a bad comment ignore it and continue on your way. Life is too short to hide in fear of someone.

    Ethan — 14
  • I went through the same thing so i want to help young adults get through this tough time

    Dominic — 16
  • I remember when I was bullied in the seventh grade it was so bad with all of the name calling and people tripping me. She would call me stupid and ugly and that nobody likes me. The bullying was really bad so I ended up going with homeschooling now I am in the eleventh grade. I wish I just went up to the bully and confronted her but I was too scared. Now I just want to help people. We all have feelings and they get hurt sometimes too.

    Isabella — 16
  • I have a friend and he is bullied. People call him fat and call him names not only do they do it in person but also over phone. I hate to see him sad or mad. I would love for them to stop. I want to help kids believe in themselves and to let no one change or judge them that they are to be themselves. I feel so sorry for him and if I am around him they will ask me why I am friends with fatty.

    McKenna — 13
  • I think that bullying is disgusting & unacceptable as other societal or global issues. As someone who has had a fair share of bullying growing up, I know exactly how it feels & how detrimental it is to someone's self esteem. Its so important to realise that bullying isn't a joke & is actually a huge issue. We must not only raise awareness but also change the perceptions of youth & adults alike. We can't afford to lose any more lives because of bullying. BULLYING IS OBVIOUSLY NOT OKAY.

    resshma — 16
  • my teachers saw it happening but didn`t do anything

    lucy — 15
  • I care because bullying has affected my cousin, and he could not focus on school and at home. In school, he couldn't do any class work and at home he wouldn't eat anything, which caused his parents to worry.

    Terrence — 12
  • I care about bullying because it could affect other people besides the victim. For example, it affected me when one of my classmates was cyber bullied. It was annoying for me because everyone was distracted by this and they wouldn't stop talking about it. Therefore my grades suffered.

    Oliver — 12