When I came to America, I was only 6, I started school and even when I did, I didn’t know how to speak, and I didn’t understand a word anyone said to me. People always stared at me and gave me weird looks, but I never really looked that deep into it, since I didn’t really understand anything they said to me. I learned bit by bit and started realizing that a lot of people did not like me, and I had no clue what I even did. I let it slide, and thought it was probably nothing, since I was moving in a while. I gained some friends, but they were all guys; I never could make any friends that were girls, they all hated me. I had to say goodbye to the only guy friends I had and move to a different house. I was happy, for once because I thought this would be a new start for me, but I was wrong. I was 9 then, and I was starting third grade. I was super excited, since 2nd grade wasn’t that bad, I got weird looks and all, but I made 2 girl friends and I was really happy. The first day of third grade, I saw one of my friends and when I waved at her, she pretended that she didn’t see me, but she looked right in my eyes, so I was confused, but I didn’t think about it that much. I went to my class and looked for a place to sit, but my friend was sitting with her friends and I didn’t have any other friends since the other one was going to a different school. I sat down and one girl came over to me and smiled, talking to me. well we became really good friends, and I even considered her my best friend, we did everything together. one day,  she got me in trouble for something she did. I started bawling on the floor, and I didn’t care who saw me. A few days later, she came to me, telling me that I was worthless, and that I should kill myself, because I wasn’t wanted by anyone, she told me I was ugly and that not even my parents loved me. I hated myself, I wanted to be someone else. She bullied me because I wore the same sweater everyday. My parents weren’t very rich and we had a pretty hard time with things here, so I believed her. to this day, I have anxiety on how I look, and I never trusted people. She gave me depression for a long time, and many people thought that I might need mental help. I always get a wave of fear whenever I remember her cornering up to me, and slapping me, telling me that I’m worthless, but to all the people out there, never believe this, you are important, and you matter in this world, and whoever thinks that you don’t,are not important, love yourself, and understand that you matter.