I Care Because…

  • I have experienced bullying and I don't want anyone to suffer the hurt and pain I did.

    Claire — 13
  • I care because i even get bullied everyday.

    Maham — 13
  • I've been bullied before everyone deserves to live a happy life.
    He sido intimidado antes de que todos merezcan vivir una vida feliz.

    Gabriel — 12
  • Because no one is subject to bullying. Everyone deserves respect and peace.

    Arleth — 29
  • harassing someone is a really pitiful and cowardly act because it represents the disgust that we have for ourselves and we put it on someone fragile or defenseless
    if you are mad at someone go explain yourself to the person but do not come and hit others.

    Déborah — 14
  • i care because i don't want people to feel hurt and if you bully then you should know how peoples lives change because at first they feel like they're something good in this world but when you bully you make then feel like nothing absolutely nothing! so stop bullying and give world peace you don't want to grow up as a bully

    Bhavesan — 9
  • Bullies are bad because they are mean.

    Jack —
  • Heyyy guys i just want to say i was bullied in school i didnt like it because it made me feel sad....what happend was i was friends with this one girl and all of a sudden she just calling me names and she was pushing me and i cry a lot i didnt even want to go school because i didnt like it....and then my one friend we are still friends but not like we just to be and she was pushing me away everyone started to talking to her and turn against me and i dont know why not everyone talked to me and it makes me kinda sad.....

    But i also want to say if your been bullied talk to someone or talk to your teachers and your family because they might help you to put a stop to it

    Sammy — 20
  • It affects everyone. From the victim to the family of the victim- even the family of the bully and possibly the bully themselves. It's all a miserable and never-ending cycle that just has excruciating effects.

    ... — 13
  • I care because I have been bullied and it really messed up my mental health and I don’t want anyone to feel the same way

    Lindsey — 12