I Care Because…

  • We live in a society that bullies for fun or higher status

    Nena — 15
  • Bullying is bad, it hurts my feelings because I've been bullied before. Bullying is wrong, it shouldn't be so common in the USA, i'm tired of being bullied, it's time we put a stop to it.

    Jayden — 13
  • bullying is bad

    kaeleb —
  • There is bullying among us, it is very sad because it's everywhere.

    Billy — 11
  • bullying is bad bad

    nahla — 12
  • Bullying is NEVER OK. I have been bullied before and It hurts. I was bullied a lot in elementary school and nobody deserves to be bullied. I am tired of all the bullying and evil in this world. It is wrong to bully people. Do not be a bully, it will give you a bad reputation. Please if you are getting bullied you are not alone, speak up and get help. If you are a bully I suggest you get a therapist to help you find better ways than to bully people.

    Willow — 17
  • Imagine being a bully do you really not have anything better in life to do. Some people end up hurting themselves because they get bullied.

    Tyler — 11
  • Bullying hurts others and bullying is a horrible thing. NOBODY deserves to get bullied, not even bad people.

    Brooklynn — 11
  • I care because no one whatever race, gender or religion or whatever makes up who they are as a human being. It’s not for me or anyone to say or do anything like to judge or harm. People do it all the time to kids and people online. Don’t be a judge till you know their story and how and who they truly are as a person inside. Because no one absolutely no one deserves to be judged, misunderstood or mistreated by peers or even adults even. People shouldn’t have to be defined by how they walk, how they talk, or how they act.

    Brandon — 20
  • No one has the right or the room to speak about others in a negative light. None of us choose the life we live, we were dealt the cards and we just have to play with what we have. Negative words can create such a hazardous mental habitat and do not add any good to the world. Spread kindness even when you don't feel good yourself. Go out of your way to make someone else happy. Smiles are contagious, happiness is too.

    Demeia — 16