I Care Because…

  • I care because no one deserves to get bullied. Many people are getting bullied and are having serious issues. It is very hard for people that are getting bullied to make new friends. Bullying can affect many people and make their life really hard. Bullying can affect people really harshly and can make them a bully. I wish that more people can understand that bullying is not right and stop bullying for good. Bullying could cause depression. Bullying could be physically and mentally and either one can hurt someone very bad. This is why i care so much about bullying.

    Briah — 12
  • I think bullying needs to be noticed because it's very bad. It can affect their life forever. Even if it's a joke you don't know how it can affect someone. NEVER BULLY ANY ONE!

    T —
  • I care about preventing bullying because it has hurt a lot of people mentally and physically. I have heard many stories about girls my age who have hurt themselves because of bullying. Thank you very much for listening!;)

    Ahuva — 12
  • bullying can hurt other people.

    simon — 13
  • I care because people get bullied a lot. It can really hurt people mentally and physically. Sometimes, people even want to kill themselves I care for this because it really destroyed someone's confidence. because of bullying or come home crying every day. That is why I care about people getting bullied.

    Esteban — 15
  • I care because I love peace and don’t like bullying because it is sad 🙁

    Barbara —
  • bullying is making people's lives miserable because things people say even for a joke can be taken seriously and can really hurt someone's feelings.

    paislee — 16
  • I care about bullying because it hurts other people's feelings and can scar them for life. I also think it is damaging to the bully's state of mind, with them knowing that they are hurting another person and that can haunt them for life. Also, the victim can be traumatized and may never forgive the bully and may become the bully themselves.

    Leora — 12
  • Bullying can change people's lives forever, even when they aren't bullied anymore. It can make them depressed.

    Shiniqua — 15
  • I care because bullying brings down the person's self esteem, self confidence, and makes the person feel bad about themsleves.