I Care Because…

  • I care because bullying results to different adverse effects to the mental, physical, or emotional well-being. They cause negative effects to the bullied, bully, and the people around. Without bullying, the world can be a better and safe place for everyone. There are no worries of being subject to hate. I care about bullying because it is something that we must talk about more. It is something that causes harm to everyone.

    Donna — 16
  • Bullying only causes unwanted harm and hate among the people around us, and if we all individually do nothing, who will.

    Thea — 16
  • I don’t want anyone to experience bullying or be a bully. And I have the responsibility to this community or country and I care about them.

    Liezel — 16
  • Bullying is a pointless act. It wastes time and energy. It does nothing but makes a person worse or feel weak.

    Josh — 15
  • I've experienced being bullied and being a bully. I care about bullying because being bullied brought me pain and depression that nobody should deserve.

    Kyle — 15
  • I care because despite having experienced being used and betrayed, I also have the characteristics of a bully. These toxic traits I attain are what’s stopping me from growing as a person and the fact that I am able to admit it is enough for me to know that there’s plenty of room to change.

    Rhianne — 15
  • I care to stop bullying because I have so much care for the people around me. Luckily, I haven’t had someone close to me that has experienced bullying and I want to stop it as soon as possible before someone does.

    Sarah — 15
  • I care about stopping bullying because I do not want to see victims now or people that may experience bullying in the future get bullied. Since I myself do not want to experience it, I will strive harder so that others would not experience it too.

    Rio — 15
  • I was once a victim of bullying and I don’t want other people to experience what I went through.

    Cyra — 15
  • I care because I want to be contribute in creating this world a better and safe place for everyone.

    nycky — 16