I Care Because…

  • I care because bullying is serious and it can cause depression and anxiety it can also lead to people taking their own life in some cases.

  • I care because my best friend almost took his life, don't worry he's ok now but he hurt himself everyday because of one person messing with him. The best way to handle bullying is by telling a adult. Sometimes though it doesn't stop, so fight back the best you can.

    Jayden — 11
  • I care because I had dealt with being excluded, bullying, etc. I have watched different stories on kids who have hurt themselves and do other things and it's a terrible thing to know that people are affected by this and I want to help stop it.

    Louise — 11
  • Its not nice people can hurt themselves from bullying

    Lisa — 11
  • I care about bullying because bullying is something that is not easy to handle. it may take some time to overcome the fear of ever coming in touch with a bully you can always tell an trusted adult .

    mia — 11
  • I care about because bullying can lead to serious situations and cause a lot of damage mentally and physically .

    Rayaan — 11
  • I care because bullying is not a good act and sometime bullying can get too far and the person that is getting bullied gets emotionally scared and unset and they might hurt themselves.

    Ah — 11
  • I care because my best-friend always got bullied at our summer camp for having short hair but she couldn't keep it away from us so she told me and we just decided to wait until they said something about it. After a while of waiting, her bully walked up to her and said something about her having cancer so I snapped out of it and stood up for her. Cause it's not fair how they be picking on people for no reason.

  • I care because bullying is a very offensive action.

    Kenny — 11
  • I care because people in the world are actually witnessing bullying and bullying could cause people to be insecure and feel that they're not enough and that no one cares about them. I also care because bulliyng can happen in many different ways and it could be physical bullying which is illegal.

    Olta — 11