4th&5th grade


when I was in 4th grade I had a “friend”, lets call him Jerred (Not his actual name) and he would invite me to be in his friend group if I didn’t take his hat, He was in a friend group that was the school gossipers so I could never tell them any of my secrets, I have one true friend, N, but we weren’t friends at the time, I started noticing the red flags about the group I was in and so I started hanging out with N, I knew he was a target for being bullied but I didn’t care! he was/is a great friend to me, we always just hung out and we became very close, Then the gossipers saw us hanging out and started making rumors about me and him, now none of them were true but it still affected me, I lost all of my friends except for him, we stuck through this together no matter what happened. when we started 5th grade we hung out EVEN MORE because we were so close, My friends started to come back to me but I didn’t accept any of their friendship thingys and we got through it together , anyone who is being bullied know your life matters and that you can get through this, the best way is to have a trusted friend with you when you are going through this <3