A stronger you is a must not ‘I wish’! ❤


Hey! I’m 16 and I’m jasmine.
It was my first day in year 7 in 2015 when I realised as I got to school I had made some friends. I was however looked at, laughed, gossiped about but I never took careless risky decisions to even care! I was bullied because of my teeth, my skinniness, got called weak and told I need braces and people just starting judging me and commenting about how I had appeared. So I went home, thought about this long and hard and said to myself ‘well what if I am, no one will want me now and its true’ but I never was quite sure until I realised I was beautiful, I was amazing, I had all these feelings, emotions, breathroughs inside me but that never stopped me from continuing. So I went into year 10 and so I still am right now, was and currently getting bullied for the same reason. No one would socialise with me unless I spoke first, they’d laugh if I said something silly or stupid, whenever I smiled they’d laugh because my teeth would be showing, I got called bunny teeth, TNT, dynamite and no one would sit next to me at all.

Realising to this day I am beautiful has been making me realise so much positive energy flown through within this situation and it’s all broken through. I still am being bullied but it hasn’t stopped me from myself achieving the things I want to do or be but its stopped me from believing in the negative comment’s that were placed upon me.

Be true to yourself and never feel afraid to speak up, to walk away, to ignore or to tell someone because it gets better with one voice or none, then to get it everyday and have it flowing through your mind. Never feel ashamed because there’s people out there experiencing the same thing and I wouldn’t care less about the people who bully others the way they do because they’re just awful so treat yourself well and much more adjusted than any other evil human that choosing they wanna pick on you! And remember to stand up for what’s right than to back down on something to regret! 😉 have faith !!!