An app against bullying


I’ve been bullied mostly the whole time at junior high school. It was bad, I felt desperate, useless and unwanted. I couldn’t even understand how the kids can be so cruel? Why? I was even considering taking my life away and make the worst essential decision in my life. When I started going to high school, something changed. Not the others, it was my approach to bullying what was different, but in a good sense. My friends and I have decided to develop a mobile and web platform that enables anonymous reporting about all bad behavior in the school. From the little project, it became a big platform that helps students and even save human lives all around the world. You can find it right here:
In current time, I’m in senior year at High school. I’m happy because I’m no more being bullied and primarily, I’m helping others. I never could even imagine making something like that, but I did it! So, if you feel bad and low, let us know in FaceUp and we are sure we will help you!
Have a nice day,