Bullied by the friends I loved


Middle school and the first year of high school I loved my friends. One of my really close friends then broke off our friendship second year of high school. I was shocked, saddened. Later on rumors popped up about me and I realized it came from my former friends. Most of it was fake, some of them spreading their own rumors and believing the rumors they heard about me. It was heart breaking that those friends would rather believe rumors about me than the true me . . . truly they weren’t my friends. They then started creating posts on why I was such a horrible person. The posts would often say that everything bad deserved to happen to me and how they needed to beat me up. Soon enough the whole school hated me. I now have rumors that I push people down the stairs and laugh, I like to steal from my friends and so on. It’s ironic though because the small amount of rumors that were true about me . . . also applied to my former friends who spread them. Honestly, I’v grown to be disappointed in people who believe in rumors. If that’s how you’re going to judge people then it brings no benefits to you as a person.