It all started when I was in 5th grade. I was the new kid at my school and this kid would call me names and eventually tried to tackle me. at the start of sixth grade the kid got his friend to join along and they called me names like whale and worse and they said it right to my face in front of a lot of people. I never even acknowledged them they would just call me names and stuff. In seventh grade they were in my home room which made things a whole lot worse. They started saying even worse thing and doing even worse thing. they would throw food at me and throw other things at me. they also started saying I was fat, ugly, worthless they even told me to kill myself. But I never told a adult about any of this because I was scared that the situation would get worse. And because I told no one they got worse and worse. One of the kids moved but the other one would still sexually harrass me and I did nothing about it. But people started seeing this stuff happen like others in my classes. And one of my friends came up to me and said a lot of people have been noticing this and the vice principal is wondering if she should address this situation. And because I knew now I was not alone I said yes I was sick and tired of being harassed to the point were the teachers gave me a safe code if I even needed it and every class in the grade for academics has assigned seats. SO I had a meeting with the vice principal and she said she would deal with this. So today I use this safe word and wait for this kid to get what he deserves. And the meeting was only yesterday so I have been holding this in for almost 3 years.