Bullying happens outside of school, too.


(For the sake of my privacy, I will go by John in this story.)
I’m in a after school activity , and I was really excited when I became eligible for being one of the representatives for the group. When we started voting in members, the leaders handed out a ballot. On the ballot, there was the list of people that you could a check next to them to vote for them. Now, normally, I can shake off what most people do to me, but when people started coming to my face to tell me that they didn’t vote for me, I found it hard to shake off. After the ballot was received, they counted the votes and came to the front of the group to read the results. And guess what? Everybody got elected but me. As the votes were being read, the kids in the rows in front of me kept looking back at me and laughing, whispering things back and forth. I heard my name many times. After the election was over, a kid (let’s call him j) came up to my friend who did get elected. He asked in an innocent voice, ” Did everyone get elected? Oh, yeah, everybody but John got elected.” j then looked straight at me and then said, “Everyone voted against you, you know.”
That pushed me over the edge. I got really emotional and cried in the bathroom for the rest of the meeting. I guess I’m just writing this because I want people to know that if you are being bullied, you should speak up and know that a lot of people are teased and harassed and even bullied all the time. So, if this happens to you, know that you aren’t alone.