bullying in school


The bullying started when i was 11 years old to around 18 years old.
The cause of the bullying was my acne due to puberty. Every day in school i was being called names and being left out because of acne. I was severely bullied by how my face looks to a point where i really felt that ending my life was the only way to stop it. During that time, many of the others did not have acne at that age, i was the only one my level having such a bad acne reaction from puberty. I was very depressed, my whole school life was affected and even my grades in school was bad. It took out all the youth i had during that age. Hearing the negative comments everyday made me brain washed into thinking that i was really ugly and worthless. There was nothing much i could do as the acne was due to hormones and it is natural, it will only go away with age. All i did was doctors after doctors, medication, creams and more creams. It only got better when i was 18, that i took a very high intensive medication to stop the acne. It got better with time, my confidence and self esteem increased slowly. All the hurt was still in me and til today i still have some self esteem issues. I hope that nobody has to go through what i did and that schools will strengthen their disciple towards bullying. Every one should know that acne is a part of growing up and nature, there is nothing to be ashamed about it. Do not ever let any one take away the confidence in you and always remember to love yourself no matter what.