Bullying- My story


I’ve been being bullied for 6th months by this girl and her friend group. They have called me many racial slurs and she has attacked me physically before. She even told her friends that she was going to beat me up. I have told friends, family, teachers, other staff, but at this point the bullying is still going on. Everyone I know switched up on me because of it and my team won’t pass me the ball in Physical Education because they believe her lies.  She has physically and emotionally abused me and I just don’t know what to do. I just want to send a message to everyone who is being bullied to always stay strong and keep you head up because it will get better. And to the bullies, stop hurting people and just know that if theirs any problem you’re facing you can always talk to someone about it. Hopefully my story motivates you guys and have a blessed day!