Elementary School


When I was in elementary school there was this one group of really popular girls and during that time I was told not to believe in popularity or being the same as everyone else. I was so confused and I was terrified of being bullied by these girls. One day they started targeting me and calling me fat, stupid, ugly when in reality I was smarter than them, nicer than them. I went through the torture of them every single day until I started cutting myself and crying myself to sleep. It was a nightmare. I felt horrible all the time. They made me feel like trash. They made me feel so bad about myself. I cried and cried one day at school and locked myself in a teachers’ bathroom because they just wouldn’t leave me alone. They told me that the world would be a better place with out me in it. They told me they had a gun I could use, they told me no one would ever love me. I already couldn’t love myself and then as soon as they said that I knew I could never be loved.