Everybody is at fault


I am an 18 year old boy and currently in my final year of high school.First off i want to say that i am a delinquent or a badboy or whattever you call it..but…I dont do drugs nor do i bully people(As far as i know).I have faced bullying ever since i was a little kid..yep..pretty much from my first year of school(4 or 5 years old).And when i moved to a new school next year….the bullying got worst especially since im a new kid i got made fun of…and during my childhood till my 10th grade…i was a very quite kid….socially awkward.And as the years passed by the bullying grew worse…in ways that hurt me both physically and mentally.When i was in the 7th grade i was constantly called names and always being picked on especially because of my size.I didnt know why they always pivked on me.I had some friends who were bigger than me but they didnt do anythingto help me,i knew they were scared too. One day when i couldnt take it anymore..i broke out crying at home in front of my mom.She kept asking me and i told her the reason,the reason why i was afraid to go to school😢😢.She went to my school without my knowledge and met the teachers…and i know some of you will not be surprised when i say things only grew worse from there.One of the teachers called me out in front of everyone and started scolding me basically telling everyone in the class that i snitched.The bullies in my class confronted me and so the bullying escalated.From that point on…i didnt trust anyone and hated everyone…my teachers…my school..even my parents and i got severe depression which i hid from everyone else.And that was the year that i started going ‘bad’.I started becoming rebellious….i also became more antisocial and loved books more than i loved people..and when i say books…not my school syllabus…story books..comics.And as the years passed by i faced a lot of humiliations but things got a lottle better when i became a delinquent…maybe because some people were scared of me.From my 8th grade till my tenth grade.I picked fights with any and everyone who stared at me the wrong way….but deep inside i was still scared of my bullies even though i stood up to them and they backed off, bullying still happened once in a while like name calling.I hurt my family through my rebellious acts and i hung out with a bad crowd who liked to pick fights with people.Till this day i still do though i have begun to develop more social abilities and have become more popular.But my insecurities have not gone away though i have a lot of friends and i have a reputation as a tough guy.The bullying and pain that i have felt through all these years still haunts me. My point is Bullying and society have made me this way.If my teachers or just anyone had done something all those years ago i might not have been so awkward among crowds,i might not feel so much insecurity that i wanna die sometimes.WE SHOULD STAND UP TO OUR BULLIES.IF A BULLY HITS YOUR FACE,DONT SHOW THE OTHER CHEEK BECAUSE IT DOESNT WORK AND IF SOMEHOW,YOUR SICIAL STATUS GROWS,DO NOT BULLY OTHERS TO FIT IN,INSTEAD STAND UP FOR THEM AND IF YOU ARE AN ADULT DO SOMETHING TO STOP THIS CYCLE OF BULLYING BECAUSE ITS DESTROYING OUR LIVES.THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR BULLYING.Thats all i wanna say,thank you.