When I was in my class 12th standard, I was being bullied. I never knew how getting bullied felt until and unless I was bullied. It was my very own classmates. I never thought in my wildest dreams that it will be them. A girl from my class spread rumors about me. It was very awful. Whole class turned up, everybody left me. I was all alone, nobody supported me, even the captain was not supporting me because she was also involved in the group. A girl pushed me and tore my t-shirt. Everybody laughed around. I was being called a thief for no reason. Teachers didn’t support me at all in fact they never cared what’s happening in the school premises. At one point I thought about self-harm. But my mum was my all time support. They would laugh whenever I entered my class. At one point I had to bunk my biology class to escape bullying and this went on for one week. I was left with no one. But my mother got to know everything and she took action against it and from than onwards everything stopped.