Home Schooled


When I was in Grade School. I was a victim of being bullied. It was about from either 3rd or 4th grade where it was starting. I’ve had people in school turn what seamed like all of my greatest friends against me, until what also seemed like I didn’t have a friend in the world. I’d have people tell me that I was a loser, that I had people tell me that they had more friend then me, blah blah blah. Until I couldn’t take it anymore so i decided to become home schooled. I was home schooled for 6th and 7th grade until a girl moved into my neighborhood and was telling me and convincing me to go back to public school for 8th grade.

She would say that she’d help me with anyone who would pick on me or yet bully me. Yet when I was fully convinced about going to public school again. The first few days and months of school went by OK. I remembered most of the kids that I used to go to school with, and it was getting kind of nice to get back in I’ve made new friends and got along pretty well with most of the kids, until this one girl started making fun of me and picking on me because of the way i laughed. I mean I laugh a lot even when things don’t seem that funny. But the fact that she told me not to laugh became really hurt full. AND my neighbor who was sitting right next to me when this was happening, she would just sit their not even telling her off or anything. and i probably would have said something, but i was always afraid that if i did she would start a physical fight with me and that was the one thing that i didn’t want to get caught up in.
It ended up to were she was kicking my chair and was pushing my chair in into my desk. It got to the point were i had to tell the principle and tell my teachers to switch all her classes so that non of them would be the same as mine. But even though i had one victim off my shoulder, another girl started picking on me. She would spread gossip about me and stuff like that. I ended up getting to the point where I started crying at the end of school.

So luckily my mom found this kind of a homeschooling program where it’s still a public school but is done on your computer. So I joined that and now I am much happier and is making a lot more friends then I did. But have scars and marks, not to where you can see them but to where they still sting in my heart. I never want to go back to where i was ever again.