how i got bullied in primary school


from the first year i attend primary, i felt unwanted. There was these girls in the next class who were given attention by teachers and i didn’t mind that but whenever i went to their class they made sure i felt stupid. We were only 6 years old then. When i went to grade 2 they bullied me more, wrote my name in school toilets, always confronted me about things i didn’t even do but you see all those days are not worse than the day they stood by the gate, when i came out of the school yard , a crowd was waiting for me there , they humilated me and slapped me. i then was in the same class as them in grade 5 and 7. i swear i never enjoyed my primary years , nowadays they talk about me behind my back but i clear, i won’t let a bunch of spoilt brats ruin my primary years and my entire life.