I Didn’t Know Anything


I was 6 when the first bullying began. I was a gifted child but ignored until 5th grade where my science teacher helped me. I am in 11th grade now. One time someone that constantly bullied me told me that I was going to burn and that I deserved to be beaten in 2nd grade. I have been bullied as long as I could remember and I can’t imagine a life now . I don’t know how to live without being in constant fear.  A year ago I met someone like me. They were bullied for being agender and they knew what I went through. We were both good at science so we decided to help each other and bond over our common interests.  Every time I look at the mirror I promise myself that I will save everyone that I can save. And I will go on. I didn’t know anything but now it doesn’t matter. If I can save 1 person from this that’s okay.