It lasted about 7-8 years


I was about in first grade when it all started. My doctors had told me I have hypothyroidism for people who don’t know this is something that can cause you to gain weight very quickly. When I started getting bigger the kids would mess with me about it but I’d shove it off but eventually one of the kids started hitting me. The one kid started a trend in the school my bullying got worse to the point that I hated life school and everything . I can actually remember a time when I was shoved down into a bunch of desks in the middle of class and my teacher walked up and shook her head at me and walked away. My cousins actually had joined in on this and one day when I was riding my bike down their road they hit me with fishing poles right down my back . I still to this day wish things would’ve been different in my life because growing up like that has made it hard to make friends. But one thing I was able to do for myself is try to forgive these people because if I wouldn’t have I felt it would’ve continued the pain.