Mean Gurls


So this was in middle school about 2 years ago. I had this girl who I knew from kindergarten. We were friends but not close, but she was always nice to me. Until she got with this other group of girls who would bully me. They called me names, made fun of me for my clothes (my family is very low income so we often wear handmedowns or donated items from church) and pulled my hair, one of them even smashed my head into the bus window. They told her to stop but. I never told anyone, I thought if I told it would get worse. She would make fun of me with them but on the bus home when they got off, said she was my friend. I never know why they did this to me. I never bothered anyone. All I did was read, and do my best. I wish we could stop this cycle of bullying kids about things they can’t change.