Middle School


It was my first day of middle school and I was really nervous, as I am a shy person. So I went to school and for the first week nobody noticed me because I was super quiet. Then one day I was daydreaming in class, and the teacher called on me. I was flustered and couldn’t speak, and everybody was staring at me! It was so embarrassing. I got the question wrong, too. After class three girls caught up with me and were saying stuff like: “Poor freak couldn’t even answer the stupid question” and “what, are you autistic?” And once my coat prevented my locker from shutting, they were right beside it, and they trashed it! I know it was them because they left a note that I won’t even tell you what it said. I went home crying. The next day I went to school and outside it, they were waiting. It was a crowded sidewalk, and they grabbed my backpack and dumped it. Everybody laughed at me and called me stuff like: “klutz” for the rest of the day. Those girls would not leave me alone! Once they almost cut my hair but a girl defended me and told the teacher. The teacher sadly didn’t believe her because those were the “perfect girls” who got away with anything. They got suspended when caught shoving me around, taunting me, and hurting me, and now if they even do more then talk to me they’re in danger of being suspended! I’m really happy it turned out this way but I wish I could of stood up for myself.