Moving on


Well I really wanted to share what happened today and found this website…. This is kind of about how I came to realize that I’ve moved on.
So today I was having a bad day because of some stuff that happened in college. I decided to go out to explore the nearby cities to clear my mind. I was in a park taking a stroll while admiring the surroundings. Then someone suddenly called out to me. I turned towards that voice and there stood the people who I thought I would never meet again….. My bullies from the school. Now in school it wasn’t like I didn’t have any friends. But still I was an introvert. I preferred reading books over playing on playground. So this group of people would verbally bully me because of that. My friends from school never really helped because they were scared too and that is understandable. So we all graduated and after that I lost contact from many people including my bullies.
So back to today. Then these people that I met after 3-4 years later again started saying things like before. But surprisingly this time I laughed. They were shocked to that response. Then I took that as a chance to speak up. I said, “wow, you all haven’t changed at all. This is like school all over again. We didn’t meet each other for 3 years and I’m shocked that I’m so important to you that you noticed me. FYI I didn’t notice you guys at all. It’s good that you are still together after all this years. Well it was nice to meet you after such a long time. Cya!” And as cringey as it is I turned around showed them a peace sign and left.
This was the moment when I realized that I’ve actually moved on. The me in the past would have cried or became sad because of that. But I wasn’t like that this time. And hence my sad day turned into a happy day.