My experience of being bullied.


Ever since primary people had always bullied me because I was from another country. I had no friends and everyone isolated me. I cried and cried but I could not find the courage to tell my parents. The teachers ignored me and did not do anything to support me. Soon it got worse and I was blamed for the things I never did. The teachers did not believe me because my bullies acted differently in front of the teachers than they did with me. Several years later I found the courage to tell my parents where they took action and the police was involved in this too. The bullying had stopped but new people started to bully me too. They made fun of my name called me names made fun of my personality and the way I spoke people also laughed at me and pointed at me. I was always picked last on sport teams despite being good at sports. I would even get isolated and people would ignore me.

People called me retarded but when I told the teachers they got attention from other people and somehow even though I was the victim it was put against me. Rumors were spread about me and nobody was there to support me except my parents. Eventually everything ended as I moved schools in another town to a school where I had actually became popular and had lots of friends. But everything ended once again as everyone moved their separate paths in Secondary school.

I had started in a class which I liked and where I had two friends. But then I was moved to another class for whatever reason I cannot remember. I had made friends with two girls but they eventually found a better friend and started ignoring me and isolating me even spreading rumors about me and laughing at me. I accidentally came upon a friend when I was picked for a school team. She sat beside me and we had a good conversation. From then on as time began to pass we became best friends and would do everything together there was even a time where I had forgotten all of my pain and misery and I was actually starting to enjoy life.

But life did not go so smoothly. Problems came upon me and I made several mistakes in my life once of those where my haters took the advantage over my life. The only important and special person I had in my school was my best friend she was always there for me when I needed her. But eventually my haters came up with a plan to separate us and to leave me all alone in the shadows. By that time I also started to fail my exams and had personal problems I was lost in the world. My biggest mistake yet was to ask my friend for space. I did not want her to follow my footsteps the only thing I wanted for her was to have a good time and to be popular and to make a path for her own self instead of following me everywhere. Rumors were spread about me by my haters and my best friend had taken a liking upon them. I tried fixing my mistakes by apologizing to her but that wasn’t enough my haters would always interfere and she had no time to have a proper talk with me anymore.

But I too wasn’t a saint and I was friends with her ex best friend her enemy but that was only because she left me no choice. I accidentally told her enemy something I shouldn’t have and she got in trouble for it. But she managed to forgive me and we became friends again. But time went by and she started to ignore me even when I was nice to her. Strange occurring also took place in the school. My book had gone missing and someone had wrote my name all over the school furniture. I confronted her but she replied in a way in which I was convinced it was her but she had also hurt my feelings.

I had done my best to look alright through the time she ignored me and hurt me. Day and day again she would ignore me and walk off with my haters. My haters would brag about all the good times they had and how they were becoming best friends. One day I heard two boys calling out my name. They told me that my friend had called me bad names. I was very convinced therefore I confronted her and told her I did not want to be her friend anymore..I even told her I would tell the whole school of her secret but honestly deep within I was never planning to do that. I just felt so hurt being ditched by a person who meant so much to me. My hater pretended to be the hero and told me to never do this to any of her friends or else. My hater told on me and so did my friend.

The principal investigated and found out it was my hater who said those mean things…I asked her to explain to my friend. But she probably explained for her own advantage. I was going to apologize to my friend the following week but I became ill and was not able to attend school. Upon coming back I had discovered that my best friend had teamed up with them completely and they had even had so many great times. In school I do not have any friends and I can call myself a loner. I wish this did not happen and I wish everything was how it used to be but life does not flow smoothly. Upon facing deep depression and hatred from people I eventually started focusing more on school and my after school life. I had joined several clubs outside of school and I took a huge liking to studying.

Eventually little by little I had managed to recover although facing depression and hatred from people I had managed to start sticking up for myself and being able to look on the bright side of life. Life is sure unfair sometimes but there is always a chance for tomorrow. Life is not about failing and falling it’s about being able to stand up and to try again no matter how many times it takes to achieve something. Practice makes perfect and hard efforts are always rewarded.

I may be a loner in school and I may have no friends but that does not mean I have no friends outside of school. I always find something to do when I have nothing to do in school. At break I sometimes tend to study in a classroom. Everyday at break time I go and buy lunch and sit with people. After eating I organize my locker. Sometimes I help out a teacher with errands around the school and things as such. I also like to read books. Although my life is not the best I am very grateful to myself for being able to be there for myself. No matter how tough life gets I will always have the courage to endure it. It’s not always about friends and popularity. It’s about yourself and being able to be who you truly are. I will never give up and I shall always strive to try my best and no matter how long it takes I will always keep trying until I succeed for that is my way of life.