My Story


I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t bullied. I believe it started kindergarten, kids would pull me across the playground by my pigtails and chase me around before school started and tried to pull my pants down to embarrass me. It got worse as the years went on. I remember 3rd grade…A group of kids who thought I was too quiet jumped me on the basketball court. They choked me and punched my stomach. In middle school I was told by another kid that he was going to shoot me..He knew where i lived. The police were involved but nothing serious happened. I was already going through a lot with my mental health. I was seeing and hearing things, i was depressed and scared all the time. High school is where things hit the hardest. It was freshman year, I was a bigger girl ( very overweight ). I was bullied about my weight and my looks. I think it wasnt the bullying that made me feel so bad it was what was going on inside my head that made things hard. I couldn’t function at all, I was so out of it. I needed help. I began to do self harm.  Through the years I switched to around 4-5 schools after that.. I was lost, And every-time i reached out for help it always backfired and i was just a bunch of drama to my family. Now here i am, I am feeling a lot better. But whatever happens just know that your problems DO NOT define who you are. You are more than your depression and pain. You are strong.