My Younger Years


My bullying started, or when I first noticed it, when I was in around 2nd grade. There were two boys that were two grades higher than me and always called me names like ugly and useless. That wasn’t the worst of it though. One day on the bus one of the boys decided to “play a game” by me answering random facts about him. I didn’t have a choice in the matter since I was so young. When I lost the game, he pulled out a rubber bouncy ball completely impaled with toothpicks and threw it at me. He did this a total of three times before leaving the bus. Later he was expelled because I talked to my mother about it. I still have the scars on my arm and ankle from it.
Another case was when I was in my 8th grade year in a different school. I had left the previous school due to the fact that I was being constantly scrutinized and picked on by my peers and was yearning for a fresh start. This didn’t happen though when a kid from my old school moved to my new school and started to spread horrible rumors that I was watching pornography. I am a person who has an extreme phobia of sex and even talking about it makes me nervous so my parents knew immediately that this was a lie. Another thing that they teased me for was for standing by one of my friends who is transgender. Luckily they talked to the principal and things were set straight for me to finish my year in peace. I’m still waiting to see how my junior year goes in high school and if I need to write again or not.