School Bench


In 4th grade I was bullied everyday at recess. I would play tag with these 3 girls and I was never fast enough to get the other girls when I was it. I would run for 30 minutes trying to get them but they were too fast and I was too slow so I would just wear myself out for no fun reason at all. After playing weeks of tag with those girls I didn’t feel like playing anymore. They would make fun of me and always tagged me on purpose because they knew I couldn’t catch them. I felt like I had no friends and I was scared to try to go out of my comfort zone to make new friends. The rest of 4th grade I sat on the bench at recess all alone. What I learned is don’t be scared to make new friends even if your old friends made you feel bad about yourself. Today I have many close friends that I know will be my lifelong best friends. Even if you feel like life isn’t going your way it will always work out in the end.