The continuous story of my life


Hi  I have been bullied since the beginning of kindergarten. I am year ten no matter how I act or where I go bullying always seems to follow me, I know my bullying isn’t bad as some of other people’s but I still want my story told. In primary I had no friends besides my sisters but they didn’t really have many friends ether because they were bullied too. you see I not just bullied by a few people I’m bullied by most in my year and by other people in other years. I’m also not just bullied in one way I have experienced most forms of bullying if not all of them and if I tell someone well they just find another thing to talk about for example. I’m very short so tall boys would form a big circle around me and look down at me or I’m also weak so they target me in sports. I feel useless and hopeless but there is one good thing in my life and that is my best friend. She only one that understand me and she gets bullied her self. I always think we are stronger together and that is only thing that keeps me living and going to school because honestly I can’t take one more thing. Because it just doesn’t ever stop no matter what I try and I wonder will it ever stop. My favourite saying I used to always hear is treat others the way you want to be treated, well I can’t remember a time I have ever been mean to someone else. My other saying I use to always hear from my mum or teachers  is stick and stones may break my bones but words or actions will never hurt me. well that’s a complete lie. words can hurt more sticks and stones.