Young and Broken


My name is M. Im 17years old i live with my mom ive been bullied my whole entire life i´ve struggle to find who i am i try to not fight myself because im young Lots of girls bully me i dont say nothing i love to write books and read i feel like im a rock that sinked into the bottom of the ocean i cry because i can not find who i use to be i go to a good school i just want a better life and a better future. i want people to Know that bullying is not what you are treating yourself to do but you are also encourging others to follow your footsteps i hate that people take advantage of me i share my story to let others know that you are not alone you cant fix your problems alone you have to ask for help because you wont know what to do later i been broken from girls because they dont like the way i look the way i dress the way i act towards people they hate me cause i dont act like them i dont have the things like them i try to not cry when somebody talk about me
try to focus on my self i hate to cry and being upset at my self i say i hate to cry because it hurts really bad i put myself in a position where i dont want people to get hurt  i feel kids shouldnt have to worry about getting their money stolen from another student where i shouldnt have to repeat my self to let others know that im tired of others killing there self cause they cant handle much pain where they cant talk to there parents about what had happen in school some kids feel like an outcast like they have no one that cares about them even if they try to care for thereself it is hard for them to put in that effort my life is a rock but i feel more than a rock i feel like a stone that has been crushed i also feel like an outcast and you are not an outcast we are together