I Care Because…

  • I care because most people get bullied at one time in their life. So it is important to care about this problem so you can help other kids who need help. Some people can get through bullying and get past it one day. But a lot of kids can't get over it and an end up giving up on life or things that they love doing. It is important that we help them through these times. If Someone goes through bullying the good part of a bad situation is that you have experience to share with others who are going through something similar. Its really important to help each other.

    Anthony — 15
  • I care about bullying because, bullying can easily scar someone's life and I believe no one's life should be scarred. Bullying can also cause trauma, in which people may be too scared to leave their households. In short, bullying can ruin's someone's life in many ways and I believe that no one's life deserves to be ruined and everyone has a right to love their own lives.

    Christine — 13
  • I care because if people are bullied, it can cause people to be upset and sad. It can also cause insecurities to others.

    Emma —
  • I know what it feels like to be excluded and no one deserves to be bullied. Everyone should feel included, supported, and loved!

    Maya — 14
  • I care because bullying can really negatively affect someone. It could cause them to make a life changing decision that isn't needed.

    Joe — 14
  • I care because bullying does immense harm to a person's psychological image of themselves and the world, and it is not worth harming a person in that way.

    George — 15
  • I care because bullying is unnecessary and is mere intolerance and/or a form of discrimination.

    Someone — 14
  • I care about bullying because I was once bullied too and nobody has the right to make fun of others because of who they are.

    Sarvesh — 11
  • I care because, if you bully someone, it can really affect their mental health in a bad way. This could also lead to self-harm and it could also affect people around them.

    Paul — 14
  • The lives of hundreds are being ravaged by the unseen pain being inflicted by them. Whether intentional or not the words or actions of another greatly effects people. Bullying is a serious matter that has escalated to suicide among many. The pain of many is not to be overlooked.

    Caleb — 14