I Care Because…

  • I care because bullying can make someone feel like they don't know anything and it could make people feel bad of themselves.

    Jeremy — 12
  • I care because a lot of people hurt themselves because of this that's how bad it affects them and me or anybody.

    logan — 15
  • if someone gets bullied i'll go help them and tell the teacher whoever is bullying

    victor — 11
  • i care because it is not right and it will make whoever you're bullying scared, anxiety, and depression. but it can cause someone to hurt them self and that is not good you can get suspended. I know because i have experienced it and it hurts really bad it feels like the pain is never going to go away.

    lori — 12
  • bulling can cause people to harm themselves

    manuel — 11
  • Bullying can mess up someone mentally and physically. Make them feel like they're not supposed to be here. Make them feel like they need to take hurt themselves. I care a lot about bullying because it's wrong and it's not what someone deserves .

    Amie — 16
  • Bullying isn't right you shouldn't judge other people because if you were in their shoes you wouldn't like it either. you should never make anyone feel like they are less than what they are or feel like they are unwanted or disliked. it's not ok.

    Adrianna — 13
  • I care because bullying can really hurt somebody's feelings

    Marvin — 12
  • Bully can really hurt someone and they might not feel wanted

    Steven — 12
  • I care because what is the point of bulling someone who can't stand up for them self. just like what every mom says, treat everyone the way you want to be treated because if you are rude to someone they could just be rude right back. so always be nice don't bully because you never know when people get bullied and they don't know how to stop it. really bad things can happen.

    Taylor — 11