I Care Because…

  • I care because bullying is not right and it can make someone harm themselves, also you could hurt someone's feelings and they could not eat and die from hunger. Bullies sometimes bully people because they think they're better than them or because they have a better life. Also they can Cyberbully by going on social media and posting someone falling and getting hurt and people laughing at them.

    Journee — 14
  • One day someone will come up to me and bully me and go on social media and talk bad about me. When I hear people talking about little kids hurting themselves because of bullying, I say one day that could be me.

    Delilah — 14
  • I care because bullying is a bad thing to do and people can actually get hurt or do hurtful things to themselves.

    Oscar — 13
  • I care because people are harming themselves just because of this reason, they never know what they are going through and they might just give up.

    Kamoree — 15
  • because bullying is wrong and if you were the one that was bullying you would want someone to stand up for you.

    caumari — 15
  • We care because...
    Because it can affect one's mental health
    To prevent it from getting worse
    It can be criminal
    I would want someone to stand with me
    To raise awareness and help those in need to seek support
    It can be harmful physically either self-harm or physical abuse
    I wouldn't want it to happen to me or my friends/family

    JP2 School — Grade 8 (14)
  • Talk to your parent! Be you break the glass and react

    Antonin — 14
  • You should talk to parents
    You should ignore the bullies
    You shouldn’t cry alone

    Lindsay — 13
  • Be you! Live your Life as you wish. Talk to your parents break the glass and react

    Tom — 14
  • We are all equals
    You shouln’t listen to them anymore
    i am here anytime you need to talk

    Pierre — 14