I Care Because…

  • Bullying is very mean and messed up thing to do because it hurts someone’s feeling and they get very sad

    Prashan — 11
  • Bullying can make a kid very sad and depressed. I want to support classmates and other who may have been bullied. I always want to show kindness to every kid and accept them even if they look different.

    Aiden — 11
  • I care because bullying can hurt students' feelings. Another reason why I care is because bullying people can lead to self-harm and it is very big situation in schools and other places and the reason is because bullying. Another reason why is also because it can cause people to give up. That’s why I care and I want everyone to work together to stop bullying.

    George — 10
  • I care because bullying needs to stop and can really hurt somebody's self-confidence or harm them and worse they might just think of hurting themselves without even telling an adult, teacher, or a guidance consular. Probably ruin people's lives physically and mentally, and their self-esteem. They'll think they don't belong there because they're overweight or they don't fit in and have bad thoughts of school and in addition won't want to go to school, and for the future. In conclusion, I care because bullying needs to stop for the future.

    Yareni — 1 1
  • bullying can cause many things such as depression and self-harm

    camila — 12
  • I care because bullying can mentally hurt someone's feelings and they will feel depression to the point where they want to hurt themselves and this all happens because of bullying. many kids have gone through this.

    Sadia — 11
  • i care about bullying but some people can get harmed really bad without them doing nothing. i care about it more because i seen it sometimes and I don't want it to happen to me on tik tok, snapchat, instagram. i care because seeing that makes me think why will they do that because it is wrong. i care because some people don't know how the other people are going to feel inside. i care because they could end up hurting themselves.

    jalene — 11
  • I don't want to see people being bullied so I try to step in and talk the bully out if not I tell an adult because I know what it feels like to be bullied it hurts my feelings and makes me sad so I step in and help the person who is being bullied.

    Kyle — 12
  • I care because I don't like seeing people bullied and feel like not being able to do nothing.

    bysleydi — 12
  • I care because bullying can be physical and can cause self-harm. Bullying can affect a lot of people because if someone is bullying a person it can be long term and they may think they ‘can't be there’ or ‘you don't fit in’. Bullying can affect people for example ’you're ugly’ or ’look at the mirror’ these can affect people and they even might do stuff to eliminate the things you said. A lot of people have food disorders because they get bullied. Bullying can cause damage to people or even they can be depressed. Bullies can even destroy people’s self-esteem. As you can see bullying can cause a lot of damage to people even the world.

    Rusmeri — 11