I Care Because…

  • I have seen my friends bullied really bad and that is why I care about people being bullied

    Ayaan — 11
  • Bullying is not ok and needs to be taken care of.

    Q —
  • Bullying is very mean and makes people sad.

    Audrey —
  • I care because I don't think it is okay for the victim and the person who is being a bully. They both might have to have a chat with a trusted adult to help them express their feelings without them having it hurt someone else.

    Sara — 11
  • I care because I don't make people feel bad. I try to make them feel good. When I see someone bullying I try to do something but its hard for me because I have been bullied before because I tried to stand up to a boy or a girl and when I do that they think that I like them or something which isn't true and it's really annoying. I get made fun of for what I want to watch and my book choice and when I try to blend in It's hard because I don't like any of it. I care because I don't like seeing people having a hard time I know I have the power to stop bullying and have the power to help but I get really uncomfortable because I know that they might bully me for standing up or interfering with them.

    Aurora — 14
  • i get bullied

    non — applicable
  • bullying causes sadness

    Allie — 13
  • I care because people deserve to live their lives without others bringing them down.

    T. M. M. — 14
  • I care about bullying because it is such a toxic trait and people think it's so fun.

    K —
  • The bully probably got bullied and I have empathy for people.

    Ryan — 13