I Care Because…

  • Bullying should be stopped because it could be bad for someone's mental health.

  • I have been bullied before

    Liam — 13
  • Don’t hesitate to talk a person. You are courageous.

    Axel,Denis — 12
  • Your story seems very sad. Don’t worry people are here for you. Don’t hesitate and talk to someone. And don’t forget you are very strong!

    Noam,Camille,lucas — 13,12,12
  • Hello, we are three friends who are writing this message. We want to help you. Don’t listen to them. You are very courageous. Good luck.

    Emma,Azélyne,Arthur — 13 years old
  • We know what you live.
    People are here to help you .
    I’ve to found one person who helped me,
    and I wish you the same thing.

    Naveen,Mathys and Rayan — 12,12 and13
  • Hello, you shouldn’t listen to then anymore and be you !
    Break the silence and don’t stay alone !
    Talk to an adult or a nice person !
    Be strong!
    We hope our message will comfort you !
    Bye and be brave

    Lilou,Lalie,Luna — 12 years old
  • You shouldn’t listen to them anymore. Break the glass. Be you.

    Aurane Léonie Kylian — 13
  • We are all equals. You are strong. Talk or your mom or your dad.😆

    Vassili Anton Yann — 13 years old
  • If the bully called you names. You ignore the bully.
    You are beautiful.

    Maxence José Charlie — 13 12 12