I Care Because…

  • Because i care about peoples feelings :>

    Mary — 10
  • I know i'm not a teen yet but... bullying is just not fair to anyone, there are bad people out there and they threaten you and make your life miserable. They threaten to hurt you, break you, harm you, it's just not ok.

    Kate — 12
  • "Even when it's not physical, and all words that doesn't mean it, doesn't hurt as much. I hated it when in elementary they just judged me on my clothes and not my personality. I care because I know how it feels to feel like you're not good enough."

    Alexis — 12
  • I think bullying is an awful thing. No one understand how it feels unless it has happened to you. People lose self confidence in themselves, it causes depression, and it could cause the victim to cause self harm, or even go as far as committing. If you get bullied, contact someone please. Too many people care about you for you to harm yourself. Bullies are just hurt, and it's not fair to take it out on someone else. Be strong, nothing gets better without a fight.

    Ashlyn — 16
  • i care because It truly hurts from the inside. And there's kids out there like i was, feeling all alone, hurt, and scared what the next day would put in my face

    noah — 13
  • i got bullied because i had acne and i'm like super skinny and i don't eat and people talk about me behind my back i mean they talk about me right in front of me and i fell alone and the only person i have is my bf so i feel alone when i'm not with him

    kayla — 11
  • I remember getting bullied in primary. I was in a class wit 6 girls and 5 boys and the 6 girls were constantly bully me for no reason and the boys would just take their side. Because of that I didn't want to go to school anymore and always found a excuse to leave school. From not going to school I failed my exams . I couldn't talk to any teachers or to my mother because they always tough that my bully was the nicest girl they ever met. But now that I am in middle school I made some friends who stood up to my bully. I wished I would done that earlier ...

    rosa — 13
  • Bullying is a serious thing. I've been bullied since kindergarten through sixth grade. I am in seventh grade now and I still get bullied. I get afraid to tell my mom and my dad. I get scared telling the teacher cause the person who bullies me, might still bully me.

    Chelsea — 13
  • I remember being in 1st grade in a wheel chair and getting bullied every day because I couldn't play on the play ground like the other kids. now today in 2018 I have a job and im up and walking like a normal teenager .also I walk like a little penguin but it doesn't bother me one bit never listen to what anyone has to say !

    hailee — 17
  • Bullying is unwanted, and disrespectful. It is not okay. I hope that, in the future, we can stop bullying all together. When a child, teen or adult bullies someone else, the bullied person may do something harmful to others because of it, it's a terrible chain reaction.

    Robyn — 15