I Care Because…

  • nobody should be bullied for their hair , shoes ,clothes or any of that . because one day they wouldnt want their kid to be treated that way .

    anastasia — 17
  • ive been bullied before

    arrianna — 16
  • no one should be bullied and feel less of theirselves

    destiny — 16
  • i care because i think no one should get bullied. it can make people depressed and you just shouldn't put people down in general. it's messed up.

    acacia — 16
  • bullying is not okay and you should be confident about your self

    nate — 17
  • I care because I know someone who has tried to hurt themselves because they were bullied, luckily they didn't hurt themselves and now are doing fine.

    Christopher — 16
  • It isn't right to treat people the wrong way because its not good to hurt people it will make them sad and people should treat each other the way they want to be treated.

    Isha — 16
  • theres a lot of bullying going on in the world today.

    alekz — 16
  • i was bullied when i was younger

    olivia — 16
  • it shouldn't happen to people they should not have to go through that in their life its very sad

    malik — 16