I Care Because…

  • I care because if everyone is kind to each other then there will be no more people who feel that they don't want to go to school because of a couple of kids who think that bullying is funny. Kids and teens should feel safe to go to school. Nobody should feel sad and scared in a school environment.

    Amber — 12
  • I care because you never know what someone else is going through. I care because why take the time just to ruin someone else's day. I care because we are all people and life is too short to bully and hurt other people. I care.

    Chris — 13
  • I care because I think bullying is bad, and bullying should stop. I think bullying should stop because bullying can hurt someone's feelings, and make them feel bad about themselves.

    Derek — 12
  • Please stop bullying someone. Be kind. Make sure everybody do not bullying students and respect and be kind. And if something bothers you again tell teachers and adults.

    Adelle —
  • I care because bullying hurts everybody involved, either directly or indirectly. Everybody deserves kindness. Remember, you are loved very much.

    Victoria — 15
  • I'm from France and let me tell you that cyberbullying is a worldwide issue. My little sister has been bullied at school as a result of which she now refuses to go and no one seems to care apart from us, her family. We have to stop being indifferent and not seeing the pain of others but most of all we should definitely think of the consequences of our actions beforehand. Look around you, you could make the difference for someone.

    Margaux — 22
  • I believe that this generation is the generation of change. We will light the spark that leads to the wildfire that ends bullying in our schools. We are creating a future for our children, our children's children, and for hundreds of generations to come. Today is only the beginning.

    Phillip — 14
  • Bullying not only affects the victim, but both the families of the victim and the bully as well. In some cases, the bully often won't care about anyone else but themselves. Their mental issues will continue to be projected onto other people; this is a cycle we need to break. We all need to stand up to bullying whenever we witness it; in order to help strengthen and protect our communities.

    Claire — 17
  • You should always stand up for yourself. No matter what the toxic bullies say, you are a lot stronger than you know, and smarter than you think.

    June — 17
  • Bullying is wrong. Remember, bullies want attention, be it positive or negative; as they might not get that attention elsewhere. It is important to always report a bully to a trusted adult or authority figure. That way, the bully can get the psychiatric treatment they deserve.

    Olivia — 14