I Care Because…

  • what some people do to others is very wrong when you are bullying someone you don't know what that person is going through so don't ever bully anybody cause you might push them over the edge

    Mariah — 13
  • I was being bullied about my sexuality and then I saw a PSA and it said something along the lines of "Standing up for yourself is ok if you do it in the right way, I then told an adult bc of it and I have no more problems with it! That PSA changed my life!

    Jailynn — 13
  • I don't like bullying

  • Bullying can hurt someone on the inside and/or the outside. IGNORE THE HATERS!

    M.E. — 15
  • Bullying can destroy people, friendships and lives.

    Brynne — 14
  • I'm the person who started a rumor . Each time when I do something stupid I make my friends believe that it was Charlie who did that . As a result Charlie was expelled of our junior high school and he lost all his friends . At the beginning I didn't imagine that he could be expelled . Now I regret and realize that I did something terrible . I was a liar . We shouldn't blame on someone else . We shouldn't believe what others say without verifying the truth .

    Tomia — 13
  • I have been bullied for the past six years

    Natalie — 12
  • i feel sad to see people bullied. it is not nice

    shontavia — 13
  • STOP BULLYING!!! We need to be kind to EVERYONE!😀👌

    Mary — 11
  • Too many young kids out there are affected by bullying. Some victims of bullying ignore it and do not stand up for themselves. By standing up for yourself you have nothing to lose against a bully.

    Brynne — 14