I Care Because…

  • I care about bullying because in 4 5 and 6th grade I got bullied a lot and I had a friend and people tried to hurt her and I felt bad. She was very sad. And I think for kids as young a 9 and as old as 18 we shouldnt have to be in a position of hurtness like that. And I was bullied in 4 grade when I was new to the school. For people to hurt other people and think its ok I think that they have been bullied so they want people to know how it feel. I think that we need to stop bullying because it takes lifes from, Like i said, kids as young as 9 and as old as 18 and I dont want to see anyone i know or love hurt. And thats why I care.

    Rosemary — 13
  • I care because I have been bullied a couple times too. The first time there were four people and I was in first grade. I didn't know what to do so I just walked away. No one was there for me at that time so no one cared. The second time I had so many people try and stand up for me it almost brought tears to my eyes. The bully moved on from me to her ex-friend. We all stood up for her like they stood up for me, and the bully got so upset she had to switch her lunch and recess schedule so it was opposite from ours. No one should have to feel like we did. No one should have to go through that.

    Makenna — 11
  • When I was in kindergarten, a girl in my class called me fat, but my best friend stood up for me. I didn't understand because I wasn't fat. Then years later my brother got bullied by someone in my class, so one day I sat with my brother on our school bus. My brother was wearing a hat and this kid kept taking his hat. So I stood up ripped it out of his hand and said "You want to try that again? You better stop", he stopped after that and apologized. The moral of the story is it's not gonna get better until you do something about it. If you're currently getting bullied, stand up to them or ask an adult or just someone you trust for help.

  • bullying isn't nice it comes to a point the at times it feels like you aren't needed and your friends hurt your feelings constantly.

    leah — 13
  • I care because no one should have to deal with the feeling of being bullied! It isn’t right and can do real damage! Bullying needs to end!!!

    Malia — 12
  • I know what it is like to be bullied, mistreated and being an outcast so I don't want others to feel the same

    Bella — 13
  • Just why? People are already dealing with other stuff, like people dying, being the new kid, moving away from their best friends, abusive parents...

  • I care because bullies could be bullying because they're sad, mad, or they want people to feel how they felt once. Bullies make people feel alone and depressed. We need to show bullies that they can't hurt us. Remember that there will always be someone out there to help you no matter what.

    Isabella — 12
  • I care because I was bullied and it really hurts your confidence and self esteem. Also, I know someone who hurt themselves because they were being bullied. I don't want anyone else to go through that pain.

    Laura — 21
  • we are the same blood we may be different, but we are family

    daniela — 12