Reasons Teens Don’t Tell


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Meet Pete

Meet Pete

Pete is a dude with a lot going on inside. He has zeroed in on some of the reasons teens don’t tell an adult about bullying. Some of those reasons are listed below, followed by another way of looking at it.


Who’d help me?

Teens who are bullied often think they have to handle bullying on their own.

It’s Too Personal

Some kids get picked on because of something they did, like doing something crazy at a party. If they tell about being bullied, then they have to explain why. Not an easy thing to do when you already feeling bad about what happened.


My Parents Go Crazy

Some kids go weak in the knees when they think how their parents might overreact. They’re sure their mom or dad will do something to make the situation worse, like calling the school or the other kid’s parents.

I’ll Get Punished

Some parents think the solution to their teen’s harassment by cell phone is to take away the phone.


The Parents Will Worry

Some kids don’t want their parents to worry about them. Think that those who care for them may already have enough problems, without them being a problem, too.

I’m No Snitch!

Nobody wants to be a tattletale. That’s kid stuff.


I Suck!

Kids who are bullied often feel ashamed and don’t know what to do. They think it’s their fault.

I’m Scared!

Kids who bully sometime threaten that things will get worse for the target if they tell.


I’m Still a Kid

Some teens are told to “man up,” that they could have stopped the bullying. They’re told if they just stood up to the person or acted differently, this wouldn’t be happening to them.

Adults Don’t Get It

Some adults give advice that’s not helpful. Telling a teen to fight back or saying “sticks and stones may break your bones, but words can never hurt you” just doesn’t cut it.


No One Will Listen

Some kids try to tell an adult, but they don’t feel heard. They get the message that bullying is no big deal, that they should just ignore it, or that bullying is just a part of growing up.