Tell an Adult


If you are being bullied, it’s important to tell an adult. This can be your parents, guardian or other family member. It can also be someone at school, such as a teacher, administrator, designated bullying liaison, or someone you trust. Sometimes the first person that you tell might not be able to help you, but don’t give up! Keep telling until you connect with someone that can help.

What to Say

When talking with an adult, remember these steps:

  • Provide all of the information in your action plan.
  • Let them know that you want the bullying to stop.
  • Ask: “What can be done so I feel safe and other kids do, too?”
  • Share that there are laws outlining the school’s responsibility in handling bullying situations.
  • Request a copy of your school’s policy on bullying.
  • Decide on next steps that you can take together.

We Need To Talk

This video provides insight into some of the challenges of telling an adult and what kids need when they do talk.